IJVIPNS: International Journal of Video & Image Processing and Network Secuirty

ISSN: 2077-1207 (Online) 2227-2755 (Print)

Volume 21 Issue 02

The International Journal of Video & Image Processing and Network Security (IJVIPNS) aims to be an effective forum for interchange of high quality theoretical and applied research in all its disciplines from basic research to application development.

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AIM & SCOPE Call for Papers
The scope of International Journal of Video & Image Processing and Network Security extends, but not limited to the following:
Digital signal processing Image processing
Digital signal processing Video coding techniques
Signals and systems Medical signal processing
Artificial intelligence Pattern recognition
Document processing Natural language processing
Expert systems Speech recognition
Detection and estimation theory Information and coding theory
Wireless communications Probability theory and stochastic processes
Ergodic theory Large deviation theory
Detection theory- robust detection DSP architectures
Application of ANN, Evolutionary algorithm, Fuzzy logic Architecture of imaging and vision systems
Autonomous vehicles Character and handwritten text recognition
Chemical and spectral sensitization Chemistry of photosensitive materials
Coating technologiesPhysics and chemistry of AgX Coding and transmission
Cognitive aspects of image understanding Color imaging
Communication of visual data Data fusion from multiple sensor inputs
Display and printing Document image understanding
Generation and display Holography
Image analysis and interpretation Image capturing
Image databases Image generation
Image manipulation Image permanence
Image processing applications Image processing: coding analysis and recognition
Image representation Image sensing
Imaging systems and image scanning Implementation and architectures
Latent image Materials for electro-photography
Monitoring and surveillance Network architecture for real-time video transport
New visual services over ATM/packet network Non-impact printing technologies
Object modeling and knowledge acquisition Photoconductors
Photographic emulsions Photopolymers
Prepress and printing technologies Processing and analysis
Protocols for packet video Remote image sensing
Retrieval and multimedia Scene modeling
Signal-processing aspects of image processing Storage and transmission
Video coding algorithms and technologies for ATM/p Visual inspection
Active vision and robotic systems Bioinformatics
Communications and data security Anonymity
Anonymity and pseudonymity Attacks, security mechanisms, and security service
Authentication Authorisation
Biometrics Code security, including mobile code security
Cellular/wireless/mobile/satellite networks securi Computer forensics
Confidentiality, privacy, integrity, authentication Cryptography and cryptanalysis
Data confidentiality issues Data integrity issues
Data recovery Database security
Denial of service Denial of service attacks and countermeasures
Dependability and reliability Design or analysis of security protocols
Distributed access control Distributed and parallel systems security
Electronic commerce Formal security analyses
Fraudulent usage Information flow
Information hiding and watermarking Intellectual property protection
Intrusion detection Key management
Multicast security Network and Internet security
Network forensics Network security performance evaluation
Non-repudiation Peer-to-peer security
Prevention of traffic analysis Privacy protection
Public key cryptography and key management Revocation of malicious parties
Risk assessment and management Secure location determination
Secure PHY/MAC/routing protocols Secure routing protocols
Security group communications Security in ad hoc networks
Security in cellular networks (2G, 2.5G, 3G, B3G Security in communications
Security in content-delivery networks Security in distributed systems
Security in domain name service Security in e-mail
Security in high-speed networks Security in integrated networks
Security in integrated wireless networks Security in internet and WWW
Security in IP networks Security in mobile IP
Security in optical systems and networks Security in peer-to-peer networks
Security in satellite networks Security in sensor networks
Security in VoIP Security in wired and wireless integrated networks
Security in Wired Networks Security in wireless communications
Security in wireless internet Security in wireless LANs (IEEE 802.11 WLAN, WiFi
Security in wireless MANs (IEEE 802.16 and WiMAX) Security in wireless PANs
Security policies Security specification techniques
Security standards Tradeoff analysis between performance and security
Trust establishment Viruses worms and other malicious code
WLAN and Bluetooth security Computer Networks
Computer security Ad-Hoc, Mobile, Wireless Networks and Mobile Computings
Quantum Computing, Coding, and Error Controls Agent Computings & Multi-Agents Systems
Defining Spectrum Rights and Open Spectrum Solutions Quality of Services and Communication Protocols
Satelite and Optical Communication System Access control and audit

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Publication Date: October, 2021

Publisher: IJENS Publishers

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