IJENS Code of Ethics

International Journals of Engineering & Sciences (IJENS) strives for displaying of professional Code of Ethics by all tiers to meet IJENS objective of Originality & Creativity. IJENS aim to have its Code of Ethics is to impart trust and motivation simultaneously amongst not only the Authors, but also amongst Editors, Reviewers and Publisher. Also, strict sanctions imposed/ruled down by IJENS aim to deter all tiers to avoid any immoral activity right away. IJENS Code of Ethics are designed to be in line with Code of Publication Ethics (COPE)

1. Moral Obligations

      a.         Editors’ Ethical Obligations

(1)       Brushing aside Ethnic, Political, Gender & Religious discriminations; Editors MUST remain unbiased to meet IJENS objective of Quality.
(2)       In case of a complaint, Editors must at first ask the concerned author, giving him/her due course of time to respond.
(3)       Responsible to carry out thorough investigations and send the matter with the recommendations to Chief Editor for final disposal.

      b.         Reviewers’ Ethical Obligations

(1)       Help the Editors in meeting the IJENS objective of Quality.
(2)       Report about Plagiarism, if found along with the Source.
(3)       Must be devoted in maintaining the Integrity & Confidentiality of Manuscripts.

      c.         Authors’ Ethical Obligations

(1)       Authors’ prime ethical obligation is to avoid plagiarism at any cost.
(2)       Originality of the Manuscripts to be ensured by submitting signed Copyright form at the time of Manuscript Submission.
(3)       Ensure proper and accurate citations.
(4)       Authors are responsible to submit signed permission documents from concerned governing bodies where appropriate, at the time of Manuscript submission.
(5)       Authors must not submit those manuscripts which are under review for publication elsewhere.
(6)       In case of a Complaint, must respond to the objections within prescribed time period.

      d.         Publisher’s Ethical Obligations

(1)       Must conform to the rules and regulations laid down by IJENS and COPE.

2. Immoral Activities

      a.         Reporting

(1)       Everyone across the globe has the right to report an event of immoral conduct to IJENS. 
(2)       Proper Evidence of the immoral conduct has to be submitted at the time of launching the complaint with IJENS.
(3)       IJENS is bound to evaluate and respond the Complainant with concern at earliest who has provided proper evidences.

      b.         Analysis

(1)       On receipt of complaint, provided evidences must be analyzed at first.
(2)       If complaint is found legitimate, editors must gather further evidences and carry out detailed analysis.
(3)       After carrying out analysis, case of misconduct along with Severity of Immoral Conduct found and recommendations to be presented to The Chief Editor of IJENS for Decision/Imposition of Penalties/Sanctions.

      c.         Sanctions
LEVEL 1:       In case of less severity case of immoral conduct and if possible, authors asked to modify paper so that all complaints removed.
LEVEL 2:       In case of more severity case of immoral conduct, Paper will be removed immediately from IJENS website even after publication.




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