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Title: Registration of Multimodal Brain Images Using Modified Adaptive Polar Transform
Author(s): D. Sasikala, R. Neelaveni
Pages: 1-9 Paper ID: 104105-6868-IJVIPNS-IJENS Published: October, 2010
Abstract: Image registration has great significance in medicine, astrophotography and satellite imaging, so a lot of techniques have been developed within its perspective of one or the other discipline. This paper presents a method for medical image registration of multimodal brain images using Modified Adaptive Polar Transform (MAPT). This algorithm can be used to register images of the same or different modalities. The performance of the Adaptive Polar Transform (APT) with the proposed technique is examined. The proposed scheme not only reduces the source of errors and also reduces the time for registration of brain images. The analysis presented for the medical image registration using Modified Adaptive Polar Transform (MAPT) and APT proves that MAPT performs better than APT technique.
Keywords: Adaptive Polar Transform; Correlation Coefficient, Gabor wavelet transform; Modified Adaptive Polar Transform; Modified Gabor wavelet transform; Mutual Information.
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