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Title: Strain Zones and Attrition Influential Zones in Tube Hydroforming Process
Author(s): Edina Karabegovic, Isak Karabegovic
Pages: 1-4 Paper ID: 132201-6767-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: A fluid tube forming procedures are applied towards optimization of techno-economical parameter production. A basic principle is utilisation of the material ductility in the stability range of a certain forming operation. Besides of the manufacturing optimization of tube forming, like this it is achieved: better quality, mechanical and structural properties of the work pieces, material and energy savings. During the process of tube hydroforming, and with an analysis of the stress-strain states, fig. 3., four characteristic zones have been determined to exist: principal tube zone, passing tube zone into the drainage, drainage zone (stresses of pressure and stretching) and top drainage zone (stresses of stretching and pressure). The areas of attrition functioning in the process of tube forming, fig. 2., can be separated in four different influential zones: a flow zone, passing zone, expansion zone and protraction zone. Knowing the attrition coefficient in the influential zones gives the opportunity of strategy development for its decrease. This paper provides a determining model of attrition coefficient in tube hydroforming.
Keywords: Strain zones, attrition zones, hydroforming, tube, manufacturing process
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Title: Interfacial Indentation Stresses and Deformations of Elastically Layered Viscoelastic Solids
Author(s): A. G. El-Shafei
Pages: 5-15 Paper ID: 136901-5858-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: The indentation of layered viscoelastic solids is a nonlinear and time-dependent problem. Consideration of the time-dependency of viscoelasticity and inclusion of the friction complicates the analysis of the problem. This paper presents a numerical study to detect the indentation response of a viscoelastic solid layered by an elastic layer and indented by a flat rigid indenter. Interfacial indentation stresses and deformations at the indentation surface are completely determined. Furthermore, effects of two layer characteristics, layer thickness and layer stiffness, and two interfacial frictional parameters, micro-slip and coefficient of friction, upon the indentation response are investigated.
Keywords: Finite element method (FEM), friction, indentation problem, viscoelasticity.
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Title: Structure Design Optimization Considering Static and Dynamic Responses
Author(s): Hee Keun Cho
Pages: 16-22 Paper ID: 137601-4949-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: Structure design has been optimized for physically coupled problems. A non-gradient evolutionary genetic algorithm (GA) is employed to optimize the behaviors of isotropic solid structures. A structure showing thermo-elastic-plastic and creep (TEPC) behaviors are considered for optimization under a number of static and dynamic constraints. Complicatedly coupled solid behaviors are numerically calculated by utilizing a FEM. The presented optimization scheme is conducted in conjunction with a FEA and involves newly developed 2D nonlinear TEPC and modal analysis FEA codes. The present evolutionary technique makes it possible to arrive at an optimum design with respect to a solid showing TEPC features with time- and temperature-dependent material properties under dynamic natural frequency constraints. The developed code has been verified through an example problem of a dome structure. The present results, attained for the first time, could be useful to ascertain the synergizing effects of a FEA and a GA in TEPC problems
Keywords: FEA, GA(genetic algorithm), optimization, dynamics.
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Title: Mechatronics Design of Small Electric Vehicles; Research and Education
Author(s): Farhan A. Salem
Pages: 23-36 Paper ID: 1310701-5252-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: This paper proposes mechatronics design of small electric vehicles (SMEV), including Mechatronics design, modeling, simulation and integration of accurate sub-systems and overall system models. the proposed design and models can be used to select, integrate, analyze and validate Mechatronics deign process of SMEV and its sub-systems ; including mechanical system, control system, components and electrical energy, resulting in simplification, acceleration and increasing accuracy of design. The proposed overall system model can be modified to include any control strategy and/or any electric machine (motor), where the motor and its associated driving power circuit and /or controller can be replaced with different motors and/or control strategy. The proposed model intended to be used for research purposes as well as, for the application in educational process. The proposed models were created and verified using MATLAB simulink software .
Keywords: Mechatronics design, Electric vehicle, Electric Motor, simulink function block model.
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Title: Determination of Forming Limit Diagram for Perforated Aluminium 1050A Sheets
Author(s): Venkatachalam, G., Patel Nilay, S., Debidutta Mishra, Suresh Singh, Yashwant Choudhary, Narayanan, S.
Pages: 37-39 Paper ID: 139301-6262-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: One of the needs of modern sheet metal forming is reliable knowledge about the formability of a given material. Forming limit diagram (FLD) is the most appropriate tool used to measure the formability. This FLD is influenced by the material / condition of the material, strain condition in geometrical features of a sheet metal. In this paper FLD of perforated Aluminium 1050A sheets are determined by drawing process. Experiments are also conducted to study the influence of percentage of open area, hole size and hole arrangement pattern.
Keywords: FLD, Perforated sheets, Aluminium alloys, Formability, Drawing process.
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Title: Finding Dominant Parameters For Fault Diagnosis Of a Single Bearing System Using Back Propagation Neural Network
Author(s): A. S. J. Karib, L. A. Wulandhari, A. Wibowo, H. Haron
Pages: 40-45 Paper ID: 139901-4848-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: Bearing is a component that affects the performance of a rotating machine in order to be used properly. The purpose of using ball bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. Diagnosis of bearing vibration data is an important process to identify either the bearing is normal or defect. In this paper, we consider a single bearing system that consists of one normal or defect Fan End (FE) bearing in which an accelerometer is attached to both normal and defect FE bearing to capture the vibration data. These vibration data are grouped into several samples data. Five parameters are extracted from each sample to be used as the input in neural network model and class of target output is either normal or defect. Those five parameters are standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, absolute mean and root mean square. Our objectives are to find the dominant parameters and the best model for fault diagnosis of single bearing system. It is important to find the dominant parameters since the selection of dominant parameter can reduce the pre-processing data phase. According to our observation that the dominant parameter is either of standard deviation, absolute mean or root mean square and the best BPNN model is the model with one input neuron and one neuron in hidden layer.
Keywords: Back Propagation Neural Network; Fault Diagnosis; Bearing System; Dominant Parameters.
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Title: Buoyancy Effect on the Fully Developed Air Flow in Concentric Inclined Annulus
Author(s): Asmaa Ali Hussein
Pages: 46-59 Paper ID: 133801-6767-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013

Abstract: Numerical investigation have been performed systematically to study the mixed convection heat transfer and air flow patterns in the simultaneously fully developed region of inclined annulus with constant heat flux for inner cylinder and adiabatic outer cylinder. The time dependent partial differential equations representing the vorticity, the stream function and the temperature were approximated by finite difference equations and solved on the computer. The values of Rayliegh number (Ra) are varied from to and the value of radius ratio is 0.5. The results show that the transition from single-eddy pattern to the double-eddy pattern appears to occur at Ra between and . Large temperature gradients and higher local Nusselt number attain at the bottom except at vertical position in which the angular variation of the Nusselt number remains constant because of symmetry about vertical axis.

Keywords: Heat Transfer, Combined (Mixed) Convection, Concentric Annulus.
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Title: Application of Evaporative Air Coolers Coupled With Solar Water Heater for Dehumidification of Indoor Air
Author(s): A S Alosaimy
Pages: 60-68 Paper ID: 1312001-6767-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: In the present work, novel configuration of solar powered desiccant dehumidification system is investigated. The proposed system comprises two evaporative air coolers. One of the two coolers functions as an absorber and the second, which is coupled with solar water heater, functions as a desiccant regenerator. In the experimental part of this investigation, Calcium Chloride is regenerated using solar energy. Hot water from a solar collector is circulated through an air heater to regenerate the liquid desiccant. Mathematical model, which can be applied for analysis of the proposed system, is developed. Absorption-regeneration cycle for the dehumidifier is described and analyzed. An expression for the efficiency of the simple cycle is introduced. Theoretical analysis shows that strong and weak solution concentration limits play a decisive role in the value of cycle efficiency. System efficiency with consideration of heat and work added to the system is well defined. The limits of regeneration temperature and mass of strong solution per kg of produced vapor are found highly dependent on the operating concentration of desiccant. Experimental results show that solution with 30% concentration can be regenerated up to 50% using solar energy. Good agreement is found between the trained data of the ANN model and the experimental measurements for the whole range of the air inlet temperature.
Keywords: Desiccant; humidification; absorption; air conditioning; Calcium chloride.
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Title: Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance and Overall Equipment Effectiveness Evaluation
Author(s): Islam H. Afefy
Pages: 69-75 Paper ID: 1311101-7474-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: Global performance evaluation is the most important in the field of continuous improving of the production process. Overall Equipment Effectiveness is one of the performance evaluation methods that are most common and popular in the production industries. This paper focuses on a study of total productive maintenance and evaluating overall equipment effectiveness. The calculation of the overall equipment effectiveness in Salt Company (Emisal) in Egypt is carried out. The big six losses in any industry (quality, availability and speed) are also presented. The data were collected through reviewing the technical documents available in Emisal Company. As a result, the Company achieved about 93% in average quality rate of overall equipment effectiveness equation and about 87% in availability in October 2012 where in average performance efficiency in October 2012 it achieved about 87.5 %. The comparison between the world class standard and company results is carried out and the company is not achieved the world class availability, performance efficiency, quality rate and overall equipment effectiveness. Based on these results, global maintenance management, and production planning were suggested to improve their maintenance procedures and improve the productivity. Also, the company needs to work hard to improve their inspection system start from the raw materials inventory to the work in process finished with finish goods inventory.
Keywords: Total Productive Maintenance, Performance Efficiency, Quality Rate.
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Title: Climate Change and Price of Environmental Cost Of Combustion System
Author(s): Ir. SUHARTO
Pages: 76-79 Paper ID: 135101-6464-IJMME-IJENS Published: February, 2013
Abstract: In the system scheme, climate change as a product of globalization of processing system. Because, not less than 595.106 ton dayly carbon diokxide flow out to atmospheric media. In the other side, the’re degradation rate of Indonesian forest area not less than ten years end, because inefficientcy democration, collution, and corruption. Now a days, climate change as a desease without the solution do !. climate change solution strategy not proportion discuss about “the have” and “the have not” country. But, the proportional load of carbon dioxide flow out to atmospheric media; operationally, daily cost perhorse power of combustion engines and other processes by persons. In this case the’re and must as an environmental tax, special on climate change anticipation strategy. This researched methode, by, a combine of refference survey, field, combustion laboratory and experimental researched, mathemathical analysis, system modelling, and statistician analysis system.
Keywords: Combustion tax, controller element of a new globalic system.
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