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Title: Integration Mechatric Components of Laser Triagulation for 3D Digitalization of The Object
Author(s): Elvedin Trakic, Bahrudin ล aric, Almir Osmanovic, Sladan Lovric
Pages: 1-4 Paper ID: 117002-3838 IJMME-IJENS Published: April, 2011
Abstract: The development of mechatronic systems of laser triagulation requires knowledge of laser components and their synergetic alignment in order to integrate elements of certain function.Today's products have mostly very complex shapes, due to the functional, esthetic and ergonomic reasons. These freely defined (curved) surfaces can be accurately restructured only on the basis of a large number of measurement points, and their traditional methods of measurement are very difficult or impossible to scan in sufficient numbers. In the process of reversible engineering of complex geometrically demanding forms of products there is significant influence of laser methods of triangulation to preciseness of the product digitalization process.Influence of material and surface properties of the object are possible sources of errors of laser digitalization process. Also, there is significant influence of choice of laser triangulation components on the occurrence of noise and digitization errors. Non-contact scanning method provides a significant reduction of measurement time, increasing accuracy, reliability and productivity of the process of identifying the parts of high technological complexity.
Keywords: Laser, Camera Integration components , Reversible engineering.
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Title: PID Controller for Vibration Reduction and Performance Improvement of Handheld Tools
Author(s): M. A. Salim, A. Noordin, A. N. Ismail, F. Munir
Pages: 5-13 Paper ID: 112801-02-9494 IJMME-IJENS Published: April, 2011
Abstract: This paper proposes a PID Controller to mprove handheld tools performance and at the same time reduce vibration occurs during its operation. Two experiments has been setup to record vibration of handheld drill using accelerometer placed at certain points of the hand drill. Through experiment, the obtained data was analyzed using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Operational deflection shape (ODS) technique and the data being verify which gives the natural frequency at 476.07Hz which is 5.7% higher that theoretical value. From the data the PID controller is designed and tunes using Ziegler Nichols method which gives peak amplitude at 0.0144 and settling time at 0.45s. From the result it is believed that this proposed controller can reduce the vibration and give good improvement to the handheld tool performance.
Keywords: Vibration, Fast Fourier transform, PID, Ziegler Nichols.
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