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Title: Production of Diesel Fuel From Used Engine Oil
Author(s): R. A Beg, M. R. I. Sarker, Md. Riaz Pervez
Pages: 1-6 Paper ID: 103602-1717-IJMME-IJENS Published: April, 2010
Abstract: Due to scarcity of petroleum products, the used engine oils can be used in engine as engine oil after purifying it. Production of diesel fuel from used engine oil is involving chemical filtrations and blending process. It could solve some of the energy problem with increasing the blending percentage of pre-treated used engine oil (UEO) or by using pre-treated used engine oil as a diesel fuel. In the present study, samples of shipyard and light vehicles (bus and truck) pre-treated used engine oil and different percentage of blending of pre-treated used engine oil (including clay treatment, CT) into fresh diesel have been considered. Results show that pre-treated (including CT) used engine oil of shipyard (UEO) and 35% blending of pre-treated (including CT) used engine oil (UEO) into fresh diesel are suitable to use as a diesel fuel considering Caterpillar Specific Limit and comparing with the fresh diesel.
Keywords: Engine Oil, Caterpillar Specific Limit, filtrations.
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Title: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification of Air Flow through a Heated Pipe
Author(s): Qaiser Abbas, M. Mahabat Khan, Rizwan Sabir, Yasir Mehmood Khan, Zafar Ullah Koreshi
Pages: 7-12 Paper ID: 106402-5858-IJMME-IJENS Published: April, 2010
Abstract: The phenomenon of forced convection with turbulent flow is chaotic, complex and hard to develop analytically. Only key to the problem is experimental correlations and numerical solution. The goal of our project is to validate the Dittus-Boelter equation, a correlation used to find the value of heat transfer coefficient ‘h’ for turbulent flow in many fluid transfer systems. Heat transfer coefficient ‘h’ and friction factor are very important parameters because they determine rate of heat transfer and the pressure drop respectively. This paper uses three methods to determine these parameters, Correlations, CFD simulation and experiment. This paper will discuss how the Dittus-Boelter equation is applied to the problem of circular pipe.
Keywords: Pipe Flow, Dittus Boelter, CFD, Fluent®, Nusselt.
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Title: Development of Automated Guided Vehicles for Industrial Logistics Applications in Developing Countries Using Appropriate Technology
Author(s): M. Yakut Ali, S. G. M. Hossain, H. Jamil, M. Z. Ha
Pages: 13-17 Paper ID: 108702-1919-IJMME-IJENS Published: April, 2010
Abstract: With the advancements of robotic technologies, the industrial environments are adopting more and more aspects of automation to enhance product quality and accuracy and to reduce product cost. One of these aspects is the use of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) which is gaining importance in industrial logistics and transportation systems. However, in case of developing countries like Bangladesh, the development and utilization of such sophisticated systems are not always cost effective. An initiative was taken to design and fabricate a group of low cost automated guided vehicles to perform logistics in a quasi - industrial environment. The group consisted of two robotic vehicles that were capable of carrying certain workpieces and supplying these to a predefined unloading location. These robots were microcontroller operated and were re-programmable to accommodate the possible changes those in real industrial environment. Test runs were performed by programming these for maneuvering through both linear and curved trajectories. An imaginary industrial environment was prepared in the laboratory and the robots went through several successful test runs that validated the effectiveness of the prototypes. The research highlights the possibility of AGVs for the logistics purposes at reasonable cost using appropriate technology.
Keywords: Industrial logistics, automated guided vehicles, appropriate technology.
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