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Title: The Effect of Architect Shape of Building under Seismic Load
Author(s): Luma Ahmed Aday, Mohammed Ghazi Abbas, Yasir W. Abduljaleel
Pages: 14-22 Paper ID:202602-5353-IJET-IJENS Published:April, 2020
Abstract: The main objective of the research is to identify the least earthquake-affected architectural forms as well as the desired building behaviour during earthquakes. To achieve these goals, we must understand the behaviour of the materials involved in construction. The ductile materials are more resilient to earthquakes, while brittle materials are less refractive and less resistant to earthquakes. The project involves analysis and designs a multistoried building (3-Dimensional frame) with architectural forms different for buildings using the parameters for the design as per the UBC- 97 SAP2000 software and by adopting a Time History Analysis Method. There are several factors which affect the behaviour of building and Play a key role in understanding the behaviour of structure including storey drift and displacement, which have been studied in this research and results are expressed in form of graphs.
Keywords: Seismic Effect, Displacement, Storey Drift, Analysis & Design by SAP2000.
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Title: An Effective Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Quadcopter UAVs
Author(s): Ha Le Nhu Ngoc Thanh, Choong Hyun Lee, Sung Kyung Hong
Pages: 23-34 Paper ID:203602-4545-IJET-IJENS Published:April, 2020
Abstract: An effective robust adaptive sliding mode controller to reject time-varying disturbances and uncertainties for improving the tracking performance of attitude and altitude control of quadcopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is presented in this paper. The flight controller provides a strict robustness, fast response, and rapid adaptation for the vehicle under the undesirable effect of perturbations. The proposed controller design is based on the super-twisting algorithm for excellently eliminating the chattering effect. In addition, an efficient adaptive law is achieved from the Lyapunov stability to ensure that the controller gains can be automatically adjusted to compensate for any effect of perturbations. Thus, the proposed algorithm greatly guarantees the robust control for the vehicles even without knowing the upper bound of a time-varying disturbance. A numerical simulation was executed and compared with recently alternative methods. A superior stability and excellent tracking performance of the attitude and altitude control of a quadcopter UAV in the simulation results demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Keywords: Adaptive super-twisting sliding mode control, robust adaptive control, unmanned aerial vehicles, disturbance rejection, robustness.
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Title: Advanced Method of Constructing a Control Circuit and Architecture of a Multi-Functioned Farming Automobile
Author(s): Maisha Farzana, Abdullah Mahmud, Afroja Nasrin Sultana
Pages: 35-41 Paper ID:203702-5959-IJET-IJENS Published:April, 2020
Abstract: This paper develops a wireless controlled microcontroller based advanced control circuit and architectural design for multi-functioned vehicle which performs numerous agricultural tasks at a time. The proposed vehicle is designed for (i) spraying water, (ii) ploughing soil, (iii) seeding and fertilizing the agricultural land. The intended vehicle uses four gear motors as the wheels for its movement, a unit of water pump for spraying water and two servo motors to perform other operations for farming. The vehicle is run by a DC source connected with solar energy. A unit of microcontroller is employed to generate proper switching commands. The microcontroller gets the inputs from a Bluetooth module operated by user’s smartphone. All the simulated results, the critical analysis about delays and speed controlling are discussed at the end of this paper.
Keywords: Architectural design, Microcontroller, Control circuit, DC driver unit, Control logic theorem, Multi-functional vehicle, Solar electricity consumption, Android smartphone, Propagation delays.
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