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Title: Graphical User Interface (GUI) For Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle - Underwater Vision
Author(s): Mohammad Afif Bin Kasno, Mohd Shahrieel Bin Mohd Aras, Ahmad Muzaffar Bin Abdul Kadir, Mohammad Khalid Bin Wahid, Amir Abdullah Bin Muhamad Damanhuri
Pages: 1-6 Paper ID:170503-6262-IJET-IJENS Published:June, 2017
Abstract: At the age of technologies, human used robots or machines to make work easier, convenient and effective. However, there is still a lack of useful underwater machine of investigation or inspection of water, especially in Malaysia. Therefore, in order to have a good vision and convenient job underwater, an adjustable vision of the camera with Graphical user interface (GUI) of operated remotely underwater vehicle (ROV) is created. The GUI developed using visual basic and integrated with the ROV for overall programming. Besides that, to make the vehicle improve it vision ability, a mechanism is design and place behind the ROV’s camera to make it adjustable by itself. With the aids of these tools, it can effectively help the jobs of controlling the ROV and have a good analysis of the machine. Thus, a ROV with the abilities to capture and record the underwater condition by using a computer is the main expectation in this project. Nevertheless, the ROV will be upgraded with many features that suit the requirement of commercial needs in the future.
Keywords: Underwater vision, graphical user interface, remotely operated vehicle.
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Title: A new design of Mobile Payment system based on NFC Technology
Author(s): Ahmed H. Ali, Reham Abdellatif Abouhogail
Pages: 7-18 Paper ID:174703-5858-IJET-IJENS Published:June, 2017
Abstract: Mobile Payment researches has increased rapidly in recent years. A most recent researchers are focusing on contactless mobile payment systems that uses mobile phones wireless technologies to achieve payment system success factors like availability, simplicity, security, and privacy of payment transaction. Moreover, Mobile technologies has a number of security risks. This paper proposes a new secured design of mobile payment system using a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The proposed system uses the features of NFC system to achieve an efficient and complete payment cycle. Furthermore, a solution to the relay attack is proposed. Also the proposed design satisfies the three most important security measures, Confidentiality, integrity and availability.
Keywords: Mobile Payment Privacy protection; Secured Payment System; NFC Payment System.
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Title: Critical Analysis of Indian Liver Patients Dataset using ANOVA Method
Author(s): K. Swapna, M. S. Prasad Babu
Pages: 19-33 Paper ID:173703-2929-IJET-IJENS Published:June, 2017
Abstract: Automatic Liver Diagnosis System helps liver patients to detect their diseases in an early stage so that they can take appropriate treatments for their healthy life. During the author’s recent studies on clustering and classification algorithms for liver patient datasets, it has been observed that there is a difference in liver function test values regarding age and gender. Hence, the authors turn their attention to analyze the liver patient dataset with respect to gender and age population. The authors collected 500 records of liver patient data from pathological laboratories in southern India and clubbed their earlier collection of 583 records which are kept as ILPD dataset in UCI Machine learning repository. The aim of this paper is to enhance the ILPD dataset with a total of 1083 records and to conduct one way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) method to examine the significant differences amongst the two groups. It is found that there are significant differences in the ranges of values with respect to the gender and age attributes.
Keywords: Gender differences, Age differences, ANOVA, Liver Datasets.
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