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Title: A Web-based System of Precision Farming based Agricultural Information for Rice Farming Field Consultant in Blora Regency
Author(s): Suprapto, Anny Kartika Sari, Janoe Hendarto, Medi, Guntur Budi Herwanto
Pages: 1-8 Paper ID:161406-9292-IJECS-IJENS Published: December, 2016
Abstract: The lack for agricultural information or limited information received by most farmers generally in developing countries including Indonesia especially in Blora regency has caused that the farming of paddy field is performed in a speculative way. As a consequence, the product is not maximal. In order to cope with these problems, a fast emerging technology ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is utilized to provide and distribute information starting from a macro plan nationally down to micro level in farming regions. There have been several systems developed by utilizing this technology to provide and give information to farming consultants, and even farmers. This research is about developing a web based integrated system that consists of several modules with their each functionality in assisting farmers to perform and manage their farming activities refered as precision farming or precision agriculture. The simple GIS is one example of the system's modules used to display maps of farm fields deviation, and others (i.e., recommendation modules) are developed by implementing either a DSS or an expert system approaches (or methods). The developed system is intended to assist farming consultants in lecturing and giving information to farmers. The system was tested using black box testing method to see whether its functionalities meet the specifications. The testing was performed for all modules of the system, and the result says that all of them satisfy the specification.
Keywords: IntelligentInformation, ICT, system, module, precision farming, decision support system.
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Title: The Development of Microcontroller-based Lawn Mower
Author(s): N. Saleh, M. A. Che Mohd Arif, Z. L. Zahari, P. D. Abd Aziz, N. S. Shariffuddin
Pages: 9-15 Paper ID:160506-7171-IJECS-IJENS Published: December, 2016
Abstract: This paper present the prototype design of microcontroller-based lawn mower that can function without manual handling. The conventional lawn mower needs to be push manually in order for the machine to move and it needs more energy time to handle it. The problems encountered in the conventional lawn mower can be solved by the existence of this microcontroller based lawn mower. The PIC microcontroller act as ‘the brain’ for this machine where it was burned with the programme and the output are controlled based on the programme that has been designed. A battery is used as a power source in order to avoid the usage of fossil fuels and later decrease the air pollution. An electronic motor that is used to move the lawn mower will not produce a loud noise to the surrounding. Each obstacle that is detected in front of the lawn mower will be sense by an analog distance sensor. Any obstacle that is detected will cause this lawn mower stopped and turn in the other direction. However, this lawn mower will continue to move forward if no obstruction is detected. The microcontroller-based lawn mower can be utilized in a golf course, garden, football field and so on. This lawn mower offers many benefits compared with the conventional one in which it is lighter and smaller, less supervision, less air pollution and safer.
Keywords: Domestic robot, Lawn mower, Microcontroller, Service robot.
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