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Title: Part Performance Improvement Through Design Optimisation Of Cooling Channels in the Injection Moulding Process
Author(s): M. A. Alhubail, A. I. Alateyah, D. Alenezi, B. Aldousiri
Pages: 1-7 Paper ID:166203-7171-IJECS-IJENS Published: June, 2016
Abstract: In this study conformal cooling channel (CCC) was employed to dissipate heat of, Polypropylene (PP) parts injected into the Stereolithography (SLA) insert to form tensile and flexural test specimens. The direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process was used to fabricate a mould with optimised CCC, while optimum parameters of injection moulding were obtained using Optimal-D. The obtained results show that optimisation of the cooling channel layout using a DMLS mould has significantly shortened cycle time without sacrificing the part’s mechanical properties. By applying conformal cooling channels, the cooling time phase was reduced by 20 seconds, and also defected parts were eliminated.
Keywords: Optimum Parameters, Injection Moulding, Conformal Cooling Channels, Cycle Time
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Title: Convergence Analysis of Moving Object Tracking Algorithm in 3D using modified EKF based on Bearing and Elevation Measurements for Underwater Environment
Author(s): Nagamani Modalavalasa, G. Sasi Bhushana Rao, K. Satya Prasad
Pages: 8-16 Paper ID:157203-1603-9292-IJECS-IJENS Published: June, 2016
Abstract: Underwater surveillance is the primary challenge being faced by the researchers, scientists and marine community, which include surveillance of harbour, detection of mines, inspecting pipelines and mapping of ocean bottoms etc. The underwater surveillance is best undertaken by the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) as it avoids the involvement of human. It is important to note that the convergence time plays very important role in aiding the AUV for its safe navigation as the AUV requires the sufficient time to maneuvering itself for avoiding the objects that comes into its path. Towards this various methods / techniques such as Least Squares (LS), Kalman Filter (KF) and Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) methods have been explored, however all these methods have their own drawbacks. In this paper a new method has been developed wherein tracking algorithm using EKF has been extended to the Bearing and Elevation only Tracking (BEOT) method. The performance of this algorithm has been evaluated using Monte Carlo Method. The convergence issues associated with the new designed algorithm have also been analysed and it has been observed that the errors are considerably small and settles down after the filter learns the existing dynamics.
Keywords: Underwater Vehicle, Tracking, Kalman Filter, BEOT.
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Title: Modeling and Management of Entreupreunerial Profil: MDA and BIG DATA Approachs
Author(s): Mouad EL Omari, Mohammed Erramdani, Rachid Hajbi
Pages: 17-20 Paper ID:168103-7979-IJECS-IJENS Published: June, 2016
Abstract: All scientific research are aimed at studying how to describe and achieve what is best, One of the main problems is to Culture greases the wheels of entrepreneurial spirit. Without it , even the rich and business plan would remain nothing more than a document. It creates values to have really clear-cut visionary maps and principles to discover the realm of entrepreneurship .Entrepreneurs use their mindsets and essential entrepreneurial thinking to build successful family businesses and share their experiences to help get good change of economical system to be more attractive for the futuristic entrepreneurs which can pave the ground building up startups and the transition of innovative minds towards successful firms. The aim of this paper, however is to describe this special attitude, which manifests itself in entrepreneurial thinking, and offers a solution to help successors in family businesses and the whole society to not only revamp but also improve their entrepreneurial vitality. Thereupon, providing a programmed platform modeling by MDA-model driven architecture- to help anyone know his weakness and strength in entrepreneurial landmark .Hence, improve the potential weaknesses and strength too for the purpose of having statistics enable those countries by using big Data to usher the state of entrepreneurial values in the community culture into forward-thinking.
Keywords: Component; Culture,MDA, Entrepreneurs, clear visionary, startups, innovation, family businesses, programs, Big data.
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