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Title: A Dual-Band, Multi-standard, Concurrent LNA Using a Dual-Resonant Matching Network
Author(s): Ahmed M. Gamal, Hesham N. Ahmed, Magdy A. El-kfafy
Pages: 1-5 Paper ID:150104-8686-IJECS-IJENS Published: August, 2015
Abstract: In this paper, a dual-band, multi-standard, concurrent, low noise amplifier operating in the 2.45/5.25 GHz bands is presented. The amplifier design is based on an ultra low noise PHEMT transistor connected in the common source configuration with inductive degeneration. The proposed amplifier stability is ensured using a series gate resistor and small inductive source degeneration in the form of etched transmission lines on the substrate. To enhance the fractional bandwidth, a capacitor is inserted between the gate and source terminals allowing fractional bandwidths of 52% and 15% at the lower and higher bands, respectively. The amplifier provides a voltage gain of 13.1 and 9.3 dB while achieving a corresponding noise figure of 2.4 and 2.1 dB at the lower and higher bands, respectively.
Keywords: Concurrent LNA, frequency transformations, multi-band, common-source LNA, input matching network.
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Title: Electrolytic Preparation and Characterization of Cuprous Oxide Nano Powder
Author(s): Hayder K. Khattar, Sami Waheed Radhi Al-Hasnawi, Fouad A.A.Al-Saady
Pages: 6-12 Paper ID:142805-1504-7373-IJECS-IJENS Published: August, 2015
Abstract: Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) has been prepared using electrochemical cell consisting of two compartments separated by ceramic diaphragm. Two copper sheets have be used as cathode and anode materials. The effect of KOH concentration ,Glycerin, PVA, and SDS on the particle size and roughness of surface have been studied and analyzed using atomic force microscopy. The results indicated that grain size increases with increasing current density and PVA addition gives lower value .the roughness is decreased dramatically from 1.82 to 0.0991nm when PVA was added therefore it recommended to use this additive in preparation of Nano Cu2O. The effect of addition other additives (Glycerin and SDS) is similar to PVA addition but with lower extend.
Keywords: Cuprous oxide, electrodeposition, atomic force microscopy, roughness.
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