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Title: Arab Gulf Student's Plagiarism Acts
Author(s): Amer Nizar AbuAli
Pages: 1-5 Paper ID:148301-9595-IJECS-IJENS Published: February, 2014
Abstract: In this study we tried to shed light on plagiarism especially on Gulf student's. Also, this paper discuss how could plagiarism be justified by utilitarian acts. Plagiarism is treated as a negative action with serious implications. We conducted a pilot study to discover the plagiarism acts amongst students and the reasons behinds.
Keywords: Plagiarism, Utilitarianism, Deontological
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Title: Web-based Medical Informatics to Support Telemedicine System
Author(s): Hafez Fouad
Pages: 6-13 Paper ID:140901-6262-IJECS-IJENS Published: February, 2014
Abstract: The remarkable growing of telemedicine implementations around the world allow users to enjoy better health services by increasing attention, patient comfort and opportunities to achieve good diagnosis among other advantages. This is achieved by using web-based applications including Modern Medical Informatics Services which is easier, faster and less expensive. This system will be efficient by finding the suitable informatics and electronics solutions for the Tele-medicine healthcare. An approach to manage multimedia medical databases in a telemedicine system is proposed. In order to manage, search, and display patient information more efficiently and effectively, we define a doctor and patient information package as a concise data set of a doctor's data and patient’s medical information from each visit. We also provide the methodology for accessing various types of patient medical records as well as design two types of user interfaces, high-quality data display and web-based interface, for different medical service purposes.
Keywords: Telemedicine, Medical Informatics, Teleconferencing, Teleconsultation, Telediagnosis, web-based medicals applications , World Wide Web (WWW).
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Title: The influence of System Support Characteristics on the Success of Data Warehousing Adoption & Diffusion
Author(s): Fadia Hegazy, Kamel Ghorab
Pages: 14-26 Paper ID:148201-6363-IJECS-IJENS Published: February, 2014
Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the impact of system support factors on successful development of data warehousing in the United Arab Emirates. The study framework is formulated based on analysis of related literature coupled with the information gained from interviewing data warehousing experts. Five hundred and eighty data warehouse users in 34 companies were surveyed to obtain their perceptions of the extent that each of 132 items had actually contributed to their firms’ DW success at different phases of development. Rigorous multivariate statistical analysis procedure has been followed to construct an overall model of DW success. The model has proven that all its independent variables have significant influence on the DW overall success and that system support factors have dominant impact on this success throughout the different phases of DW development.
Keywords: ---
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