Author(s): Onundi, Lateef Olorunfemi, Ketkukah, Titus Saul, Balami, Yusuf Garba
Pages: 1-16 Paper ID:202103-7676-IJCEE-IJENS Published: June, 2020
Abstract:-- The structural analyses under the deterministic and probabilistic considerations were used to carry out the reliability assessment of varied spans of simply supported, two-ways all sides discontinuous, two-ways all sides continuous, one-way interior and exterior solid slabs respectively to determine the safe and economical depth of the reinforced concrete slab. To realise these objectives, the variability of loadings and materials were considered as very important functions of the targeted safe and economical depth of the reinforced concrete solid slabs. The results of the investigation showed that, the variation of the basic ratios, Br concrete density, ρ and effective spans, Ln became the principal quantities used for the evaluation of d, h and G1 but the super loads G2 vary between 2 to 3 kN/m2 respectively. The research also showed that, out of the five random variables identified in the limit state equations, the basic ratio Br combine with higher live loads qk were most significantly influential in the design of the reinforced concrete solid slabs considered. Therefore, the safe minimum effective depth dmin and economical section most suitable for solid slabs according to the recommendations of Euro codes are directly proportional to the square root of the factored loads and effective span Ln of the slab; but inversely proportional to the concrete characteristic strength fck, slab continuity k and minimum balanced section μ coefficients. The research also proved that, the simply supported and two-ways all sides discontinuous slabs were most unsafe forms of solid slabs for the requirements for public building. Whereas, two-ways all sides continuous slab, one-way interior and exterior slabs are respectively safest. These results would be good guides to engineers for the reliability improvement of the design and construction of solid slabs Worldwide.
Keywords: Reliability, minimum depth, safe, reinforced concrete, solid slabs
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