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Author(s): Johnny P. M. Feitosa, Ana E. V. de Alencar, José R. R. de Souza, Jorge B. Soares, Sandra A. Soares, Nágila M. P. S. Ricardo
Pages: 1-9 Paper ID:155303-2727-IJCEE-IJENS Published: June, 2015
Abstract:Carnauba wax (CW) is a natural product which is being evaluated as a warm mix additive in order to reduce energy consumption and pollution emissions levels. The effect of adding three different types of natural carnauba waxes to asphalt cement 50/70 was investigated with the purpose of evaluating their potential as warm mix additives. Rheological tests were carried out using a rotational viscometer and a dynamic shear rheometer for the neat and the modified asphalt binders. The penetration grade and softening point were also determined. From the results it can be concluded that CW modified binders presented superior rheological and thermal susceptibility properties and have the potential to offer benefits such as energy saving and decrease of pollutant levels.
Keywords: Asphalt binder, carnauba wax, viscosity, rheology, warm mix.
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