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Author(s): M. Ruslin Anwar, Ludfi Djakfar,  Abdulmenaam Khamies Abdulhafidha
Pages: 01-05 Paper ID: 122004-3737-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to carry out an analysis of the performance tools implemented in the Port Authority  of  Surabaya city and  so,  determine  whether  improvements  in  management  can  be  achieved  if  the  level  of  efficiency is established with attainable targets as a consequence of opportune and reliable information in  Contraction Management. In this article we analyze how the use of a Balanced Scorecard has helped Tanjung Perak port authority  from  the  Indonesia  Port  System  to implement  their  strategic  Plan.  The  Port  Authorities  have  become  reliant  on  the  Competency  Management  model  as  an  instrument  for  strategic  planning  of  human  resources  and  also  in  the  progressive  use  of  Process  Management,  which  aims  to  meet  the  objectives  established  in  the  Strategic  Plan.    On  this  premise,  we  set  out  how  the  above-mentioned  Port  Authority of Tanjung Perak can fulfill specific strategic and operational objectives regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the services they provide.
Keywords: Balanced   Scorecard, Competency   Management, and Management process
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Author(s): Nur Ali, M. Isran Ramli and Muralia Hustim
Pages: 06-11 Paper ID: 127404-6161-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: This paper attempts to understand influences of the flood puddle disaster on the durability of an asphaltic mixture which utilize marble waste as a filler material. We have carried out an experimental research using a modified immersion test in order to grasp the effects of the phenomenon. The experimental laboratory testing treated the immersion test for duration 1, 4, 7, and 14 days on the three asphaltic concrete mixture types. The three mixtures based on the various marble waste contents as a substituted filler material such 100%, 50% and 0%. This study analyze three types of durability indexes in describing the asphalt mixtures durability, i.e. the retaining strength index (RSI), the first durability index (FDI), and the second durability index (SDI). The results show that the flood puddle phenomenon smoothly affects the deterioration of the mixtures durability. However, the mixtures containing the marble waste still survive in the strength limit until fourteen days immersion. These results seem a promising in utilizing the marble waste as the substituted filler material on the asphaltic concrete mixtures.
Keywords: Durability, flood puddle, asphaltic concrete, marble waste
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Author(s): Md Majbah Uddin, Md Riad Hasan, Istiak Ahmed, Priyanka Das, Md Ahasan Uddin, Dr.Tanweer Hasan
Pages: 12-16 Paper ID: 1210604-9393-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: Studies of people trips and vehicular attraction to activity centers have been conducted in western countries but few have been done in Asian countries. In Bangladesh, this kind of study has been newly introduced. In this study, trip rate analysis method is used to estimate the trip attraction rates of the shopping centers at Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi area of Dhaka. As part of this study, a total of six shopping centers were surveyed, for which the number of vehicles (car) and persons entering the shopping center during peak hour for every 15 minutes time interval were counted. The approach deals with the relationship the trip attraction rates of the shopping center as a whole. It relates the trip attraction of the shopping center as a function of the physical features of the shopping center, e.g. total parking spaces, gross floor area, and the number of stores in the shopping center. It would be useful in the regional transportation network or the channelization of traffic control around a shopping center. The data would be useful in assessing the traffic impacts surrounding a new shopping center, and also the region wide traffic volume impacts.
Keywords: Trip Attraction Rate, Transportation planning, Shopping Center, Mirpur road
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Author(s): Noor Mahmudah, Danang Parikesit, Siti Malkhamah, Sigit Priyanto, Mark Zuidgeest
Pages: 17-24 Paper ID: 1212204-0505-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: The availability and performance of transport infrastructures are very important in supporting freight transportation. The reliable transport infrastructures are needed to support industrial activities in the certain region. The access of industries to supply routes must be evaluated in accordance with the existing transport infrastructures and the potential location of factories and distribution. This study is intended to utilize the freight network simulation, especially using ArcGIS software, by considering spatial and transportation factors as the input, and government regulation as the constraints, to analyze modal competition between unimodal and inter-modal CPO transportation in regional scale by considering the generalized costs as the efficiency indicator of transportation system. The result of analysis shows that inter-modal network (combination of road and river) provides the high probability compare to uni-modal (road or river only) network.
Keywords: Central Kalimantan, CPO transportation, GIS, modal competition
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Author(s): Hamzah Yusuf ,  Muh.Saleh Pallu, Lawalenna Samang, M.Wihardi Tjaronge
Pages: 25-31 Paper ID: 120804-9595-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: The aim of the study was to determine the value of Unconfined compressive strength and  CBR  laboratory of Bili-Bili dam’s dredging  sediment which was stabilized by portland cement type 1 so that it  can be used in various purposes. The sediment  volume of Bili-Bili Dam after the  avalanche of Mount Bawakaraeng’s  caldera on April 2004  was about 75 million m³ and growing all the time and disrupted the stability and function of the dam, the dredging plan would be done but it was constrained by the disposal site issue which can create new problems on the safety of  environment. The sediment dredging was examined  through research that conducted an unconfined characteristic compressive strength and CBR laboratory test, then stabilized with portland cement  type 1 using existing standard codes (ASTM, AASHTO). The analysis result of Bili-Bili Dam’s  dredging sediment through  chemical characteristic test showed : the soil is classified as ilite mineral soil, clay minerals are dominated by silicon oxide (SiO2), detected metal content of sediments is dominated by Fe (Ferro). In the soil classification system, soil sediment characteristics, as a muddy clay-low organic with plastic index 17.76%, which is dominated by silt-loam 95% as well as unconfined compressive strength and CBR- laboratory showed that the addition of cement as well as the percentage of the length of time curing raises soil strength. This is useful for the development of the Bili-Bili Dam’s dredging sediment use program. The utilization of sediment material stabilized by portland cement can be used for various utilities, especially  for road subbase.
Keywords: Sediment material, dredging, stabilization, unconfined compressive strength, CBR
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Author(s): Ylber  MUCEKU
Pages: 32-39 Paper ID: 1213204-4747-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: The studied area extends in west of Lushnja town, along of the Adriatic coastal plain from Shkumbini to Semani Rivers delta. It’s one of the most attractive places in Albania; because of there are several wonderful beaches, which have taken much interest of many designers companies and instructions, related to touristic centers development. That is the motivation, why last years we have carried out the engineering geological mapping on scale 1:10 000 and geotechnical investigations on this area. Based on these works was compiled an engineering geological zoning map on scale 1:10 000, results of which are presented in this paper.
Keywords: Engineering-geological mapping, lithology, morphology, hydrogeology, geotechnical properties, clays, silts, sands, gravels, peats
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Author(s): David O. Olukanni and Sunday A. Adebiyi
Pages: 40-46 Paper ID: 1214704-7878-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: Vehicular emission has been found to constitute one of the major sources of soil pollution. We have investigated the influence of vehicular emissions on the accumulation of heavy metal in the roadside soils of Ota metropolis, Ogun State, Nigeria. The main objective of this research was to determine the impact of heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, lead, manganese, nickel and sulphate from vehicular pollution on soil around Ota. Seven locations were selected on the basis of their high concentration of vehicular traffic. Three sites with low traffic concentration were also selected outside the seven locations to act as control sites. Samples were taken in a period of three months in the dry season. The concentrations of five heavy metals and sulphate in the samples were determined with an atomic absorption spectrometer. The concentrations of the heavy metals from the seven main sites were higher than in the control sites. The concentration of each heavy metal and sulphate in the seven locations was below the European Union regulatory standard. Although these concentration are below the European Union regulatory standard, these heavy metals and sulphate, which over time are washed by erosion into the local areas used for farming, may pose health hazards. The enhancement of fuel quality and the adoption of emission standards to mitigate the impact of vehicular emissions on human health should be made mandatory.
Keywords: Vehicular emission, environment, soil pollution, pollutants and bioaccumulation
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Author(s): Nahesson Hotmarama Panjaitan, Ahmad Rifa’i , Agus Darmawan Adi, P.Sumardi
Pages: 47-50 Paper ID: 128904-7575-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: The process of electrokinetic have been much developed for stabilization of expansive clays soil. The ability to move and penetrate the soil layer that very dense is one of the advantages of this electrokinetic process. Some phenomena also occur during the process of electrokinetic in progress, such as electromigration. Electromigration is the movement of charged particles in the form of ions in the media due to the presence of a magnetic field. This research was conducted to find out the phenomenon of electromigration in soil clays expansive. At the end of the process electrokinetic, testing chemically performed on the solution of electrolytes and also soil sample. Test results show that during of electrokinetic process, occurs displacement of ions in a soil sample. It can be seen from the presence of ions in electrolytic solution and change the arrangement of the composition of the mineral soil. This phenomena as the basic knowledge needed to design a soft clay stabilization efforts and remediation of soil.
Keywords: Electrokinetic, electromigration,expansive clay, ions
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Author(s): Syakirah Afiza Mohammed, Nor Wahidatul Azura Zainon Najib, Vishnuvarthan  Muniandi
Pages: 51-56 Paper ID: 1212804-7676-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: Dyes are major contaminants from industrial wastewater which causes extensive damage to the environment. The potential of durian rind powder which is an agricultural waste to be used as a biosorbent to replace the use of activated carbon in the industry was investigated. Several factors such as pH, contact time and initial adsorbate concentration were studied to develop an adsorption equilibrium study to determine the adsorption capacity and analyze the suitability of the adsorption process. From the research study, higher pH conditions was determined to be the optimum condition for the adsorption process for Methylene Blue And Brilliant Green which were studied. The contact time study revealed that the adsorption process occurs swiftly where the adsorption reaches saturation at 30 minutes. From the factors studied in this research study, the highest removal and lowest removal for Methylene Blue is 95.91%and 87.46% respectively. Meanwhile higher adsorption was obtained with the adsorption of Brilliant Green where has the highest adsorption of 97.81% and lowest adsorption percentage of 87.79%. The adsorption equilibrium study analysis portrayed that the adsorption data were better represented by Langmuir model than Freundlich model. It also showed that the adsorption process was suitable and adsorption capacity reduced in the order of Brilliant Green and Methylene Blue at 95.23 mg/g and 84.75 mg/g respectively.
Keywords: Biosorption, Durian, Methylene Blue, Brilliant Green
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Author(s): Marthen Kumajas, Zaenal Kusuma, Kliwon Hidayat, Jailani Husain
Pages: 57-64 Paper ID: 1214804-9292-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: A study has been conducted to examine the influence of attitudes and behavior of the community for mitigation and flood hazard control on social impacts due to flood increase. The study was conducted in the watershed area of Tondano River that is located in the River Area Development PWS-9 in North Sulawesi Province. This study utilized the purposive sampling technique for data acquisition with 125 respondents living in the vicinity of the watershed. The analysis shows a negative influence between attitudes and behavior towards the social impact caused by flooding. The negative effect indicates that the higher in attitudes and behavior, the social impact caused will be lower. This means that if the community's attitudes and behavior go higher (or better) that are seen from the attitudes towards flood resulting activities, attitudes towards responsibility, and attitudes towards hazard prevention, the social impact due to flooding received by the community will be lower, which could be seen from the presence of residential pools, pools in the river, and other forms of damage.
Keywords: Tondano River, flood, social impact, natural hazard mitigation, community attitude
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Author(s): S. Imam Wahyudi, Moh Faiqun Ni’am, Gilbert Le Bras
Pages: 65-69 Paper ID: 1215004-8585-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: Tidal flood, erosion and sedimentation are serious problem in Nord of Central Java-Indonesia. Many spots experience functional coastal land disturbance.  This research, therefore, is aimed to identify coastal problems and analyze the causes and bring up some alternative engineering solution. The research method used is to hold a survey at the damaged location of the coast, to analyze the characteristics of hydrooceanography and spatial measurement and the alternative engineering solution. The total of coastal line of the studied coast based on Geographical Information System is 427,01 kilometers, covering 13 regencies and towns in Central Java Province. The dominant problem found at the studied location are tidal flood, erosion, estuary closing, sedimentation and sea water intrusion  caused by the impact of coastal area development, mangrove plant cutting, and coral destruction.  The most infrastructure built is port facilities without assisting building for anticipating impact. Mangrove plant cutting is due to extension of fish pool. Coral materials are exploited and traded.  Generally the alternative engineering solution is protection with hard structure (groins, seawall), and with soft structure by replanting mangrove plants. Part of the alternative solution has been implemented and evaluated.
Keywords: Coastal causes. Tidal flood. Erosion and sedimentation. Engineering solution. Central java. Indonesia
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Author(s): Puyan Abolghasemzadeh and Uwe Rüppel
Pages: 70-77 Paper ID: 1212904-9595-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: Numerical fire simulations (in terms of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)) are becoming increasingly pervasive in fire safety analysis, because they offer many benefits beyond those offered by traditional methods. Nevertheless, such simulations are time-consuming and require a relatively large amount of computation power for use in engineering applications. Therefore, compared to other methods, the use of numerical fire simulations for construction projects is not as common as it should be given their benefits. Moreover, the results of a fire safety analysis affect the different parties of a project, such as the architects, structural engineers, or project managers. While these parties are usually unfamiliar with numerical fire simulations, they require easy access to the results of such simulations, which are usually conducted by a fire safety engineer. These aspects have led us to the present research on the development of new IT solutions for convenient deployment of numerical fire simulations, including suitable data preparation and data transmissions. This paper presents a novel distributed cloud-computing infrastructure to simplify the use of the numerical fire simulations for construction projects and encourage “fire safety teamwork” among the different parties involved in a project. Using this cloud system, clients can carry out numerical fire simulations on their own regardless of their location or device. The simulation module described herein runs on a computer cluster in order to increase the system performance.
Keywords: Numerical Fire Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Parallel Computing, Cloud Computing
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Author(s): Sihaloha, Antonius; Jinca, M. Yamin
Pages: 78-82 Paper ID: 1217104-9898-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: Trans Maluku is a national transportation network that links 12 island groups in Maluku Province. Island Group seventh (VII) is Ambon Island that became PKN of Maluku province. This study aimed to find out how the performance of the national road network in Island Group Seventh (VII) of Ambon Island and formulate development strategies. Analysis using quantitative descriptive method and SWOT analysis. The results of the national road network Passo-Galala, Latuhalat-Batu Gantong and Waihaong-Batu Merah indicates that: indicators of accessibility, capacity and integrated quite effectively. Indicators are classified as not effective is Road Safety. The use of the road network of relatively efficient aspects of the VCR.  Construction of support facilities necessary for the security of road users and an increase in financing the road network.
Keywords: Road capacity, traffic volume, efficiency and effectiveness
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Author(s): K.Muthusamy, N.W.Kamaruzaman
Pages: 83-86 Paper ID: 1213804-5757-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2012
Abstract: Integration of new material as a partial coarse aggregate replacement in local concrete production would be able to reduce the high dependency of concrete manufacturer on granite aggregate supply that may lead to ecological imbalance when this natural material is used excessively. This paper presents the assessment on the characteristic of Malaysian laterite aggregate obtained from several locations before discussing further on the influences of this local material towards engineering properties of normal concrete. Concrete mixes containing 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% laterite aggregate replacement level were cast before subjected to water curing for 7, 14, 28 and 60 days. Workability test, compressive strength test, flexural strength and modulus of elasticity were conducted in accordance to the existing standard. Results show that replacement of appropriate laterite aggregate content able to produce workable concrete with satisfactory strength. Addition of 10% replacement laterite aggregate able to produce mix with comparable strength to plain concrete. The targeted strength still can be achieved with addition of 30% replacement laterite aggregate.
Keywords: Malaysian Laterite Aggregate; Aggregate Assessment; Partial Coarse Aggregate Replacement; Laterite Concrete; Engineering Properties
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