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Title: Discrete Wavelet Transform Approach on the Electromyography Signal Processing during Rehabilitation Exercise
Author(s): Nuradebah Burhan, Mohammad Afif Kasno, Rozaimi Ghazali, Mohd Hafiz Jali, Md Radzai Said
Pages: 1-6 Paper ID:170603-7979-IJBAS-IJENS Published: June, 2017
Abstract: Electromyography (EMG) signal analysis is one of the important approaches to evaluate muscle performance during rehabilitation exercise. However, the signal is highly non-linear in nature that required appropriate method to extract the accurate feature. This paper presents EMG signal feature extraction analysis using wavelet transform (WT) approach for resistance band rehabilitation. In this experimental work, three healthy subjects (age: 25±2.5 years and BMI: 23.5±2.0) were selected in this study. Each of the subject needs to perform dynamic contraction with lifting and lowering the resistance band for three different levels of the arm movement which are 30˚, 90˚, and 150˚. Surface EMG electrodes were placed on the middle (belly) biceps brachii muscle to record the raw EMG signal. Recorded EMG signal was processed for feature extraction in signal processing in order to remove noise and extract the useful information in the signal. Regarding that, LabVIEW WA Detrend VI and Wavelet Denoise have been utilized in this study. Two common techniques of the EMG analysis, which are root mean square (RMS) and mean absolute value (MAV) were used to compare with the WT approach. The result shows that the EMG signal in WT approach has less variability in the EMG signal analysis as compared to the RMS and MAV that obtained through raw EMG signals.
Keywords: Electromyography, Wavelet Transform, Rehabilitation
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Title: How to Encourage Entrepreneurship and New Business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Research on Regulations, Policies and Obstacles
Author(s): Rami H. Alamoudi, Abdullah A. Bagaaifar
Pages: 7-14 Paper ID:172303-4545-IJBAS-IJENS Published: June, 2017
Abstract: Entrepreneurship is a crucial aspect of national development, so promoting entrepreneurship is a key principle measure for accelerating social and economic development. To encourage entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we must understand the obstacles that hinder entrepreneurship so that we can foster measures and policies to create new business. These barriers are not the same for all people in society. Although some barriers are common to all people, others, such as young people, women, the physically disabled and the unemployed encounter unique barriers. This paper provides information on how to encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of new business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, addressing regulations, policies and obstacles. It also highlights the barriers to creating new business and strategies for overcoming barriers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Identifying the obstacles to entrepreneurship could help remove barriers and make entrepreneurship accessible to all people living in the country.
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