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Title: Preparation of BST Capacitors Using sol-gel Process for Distance Sensor
Pages: 1-7 Paper ID:172402-5656-IJBAS-IJENS Published: April, 2017
Abstract: Barium strontium titanate (Ba1-xSrxTiO3) thin films prepared to BST/TiO2/RuO2/SiO2/Si substrates using sol-gel process with composition x = 0.4. Then the sample annealed at 600oC, 650oC and 700°C for 60 minutes in the air. The XRD pattern, dielectric properties and leakage current films have been measured to investigate the effect of annealing temperature on the properties of the device. The results showed that all the films have a perovskite structure. Dielectric measurements show that at 25oC and 1 kHz, the dielectric constant and loss tangent of about 67 and 2.07; 341 and 3.23; 1300 and 0.54, respectively. Leakage current to 0.5 V at room temperature is 8.23 x 10-5 A cm-2, 2.77 x 10-5 A cm-2 and 2.00 x 10-4 A cm-2, respectively. The highest voltage value at a distance of 5 cm was obtained for the sensor.
Keywords: Barium Strontium Titanate; sol-gel process; distance sensor
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Title: Benefits Of Dynamic Load On Four Wheel Vehicles As Renewable Energy Sources Substituting For Oil Fuel (OF)
Author(s): Simon Ka’ka, Remigius Tandioga, Abram Tangkemanda
Pages: 8-12 Paper ID:170502-8383-IJBAS-IJENS Published: April, 2017
Abstract: The goal of this research is to resolve the crisis of energy through efforts to reduce the use of fossil oil fuel (OF). The specific target to be achieved is to convert the vertical dynamic load four wheeled vehicles into renewable energy that can be used as energy reserves. The target can be achieved by substitution methods that replace the use of fuel energy with repetitive dynamic load of vehicles passing on the road. The method used in this study is sucking and injecting the air outside into the storage tank using vertical dynamic load of four-wheeled vehicles. Vertical dynamic load is obtained through a mechanism of flexible portal mounted transversely on the road surface. The mechanism of injection is done by a pneumatic cylinder piston which is actuated up and down by the portal crushed by the wheels (tires) of vehicles. The compressed air storage process is supported by the installation of some non return valve and the reducer connection on both inlet storage tank. Variations weight of the vehicle : light, medium and heavy that cross the road surface simultaneously pump the air outside into the storage tank. The amount of injection pressure of a pneumatic cylinder comes from the dynamic load vehicles at about 0.3 bar to 0.5 bar. This renewable energy can replace the use of fuel or electricity to produce compressed air.
Keywords: Dynamic loads, vehicle, renewable energy, pneumatic cylinder, tank.
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Title: Technoculture Principle in Random Check for Indonesian Ships to Ensure Ship’s Seaworthiness
Author(s): Dicky R. Munaf
Pages: 13-15 Paper ID:170402-6565-IJBAS-IJENS Published: April, 2017
Abstract: A State has a number of duties over ships flying its flag, among other things, is to ensure that every ship complies with the safety standards. As a country with vast area of waters, it is inevitable that sea transport plays an important role in Indonesia's economic development. The Indonesian Shipping Act which has been enacted in 2008 covers, among others, standards and regulations on maritime safety and security. In the past, Indonesia's reputation in managing its safety record getting improved now due to some efforts made by the government. In addition to mandatory inspections that a ship must undergo, to ensure the safety standards are met, the government also conducts random safety checks during heavy traffic in particular seasons in selected locations. Findings are followed-up accordingly, as the random check, considering Technoculture Prinsiples, is also used as a corrective measure for the ship's operators as well as for safety officials for better performance in the future. Unseaworthy ships are requested to rectify their deficiencies and severe violations of safety standards and regulations result in the banning of the ships from operation, either temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the violations.
Keywords: Technoculture, Maritime safety, safety check, seaworthiness.
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Title: Exploring Terroir Specialty, Tourist Food and Tourism Development Based on GIS Mapping
Author(s): Hsueh, Ya-Hui, Hsieh, Wan-Chiang
Pages: 16-28 Paper ID:176301-1702-5959-IJBAS-IJENS Published: April, 2017
Abstract: This research aims to use GIS mapping to locate a set of points of locations of pineapple dining industry including bakeries, restaurants and vendors distributed within a terroir region, explore the relationship between terroir specialty and tourism development to respond to the concept of industry cluster. As well-known pineapple cultivation region in Taiwan, this terroir region translates local agricultural product to tourist food, and demonstrates increasing tourist drawing by a pineapple dining industry cluster and marketing networks. This research shows the spatial cluster of a pineapple dining industry based on point density analysis, buffer analysis and overlay analysis to identify a tourism flourishing region. Instead of focusing on innovation atmosphere, knowledge intensive or technology transfer, this research explores the importance of terroir specialty for what makes this region having the advantages of dining industry cluster. To identify the characteristic of terroir specialty, this research evokes the implications of tourist food associated with its geographical origin and creativeness to establish a flourishing new tourist region on the dimension of tourism development.
Keywords: Pineapple, terroir specialty, tourist food, flourishing new tourist region, GIS mapping.
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Title: Estimate the Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils Using Numerical Method and Its Application in Iraq
Author(s): Luma Naji Mohammed Tawfiq, Israa Najm Abood
Pages: 29-35 Paper ID:173502-9494-IJBAS-IJENS Published: April, 2017
Abstract: In this paper a new approach to numerical method based on the theory of interpolation for functions with two variables is proposed. We develop a multivariate divided difference method. In addition, the explicit formulae that connect the classical finite difference interpolation coefficients for one variable curve with multivariate interpolation coefficients are established. Then to illustrate the accuracy and efficiency of suggested method we used it to estimate the rate of contaminated soils by heavy metals that is evaluate the concentration of heavy metals in soil in Iraq.
Keywords: Interpolation method, divided difference method, Soil, Heavy metals, Contamination. Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): 41A05, 65M06, 65D05, 41A63, 78M20, 65Z05
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