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Title: The Social and Academic Problems of Medical Colleges Students and How it is Related to Students Level (Case Study of Medical Applied Sciences College )
Author(s): Amal Ramadan ABD Elhalim, Hafsa AL- Ageeli,Zahraahawi ,SohHezam and AmlAgeebi
Pages: 1-14 Paper ID:160804-3939-IJBAS-IJENS Published: August, 2016
Abstract: University works to provide all the material, educational and psychological needs of the university students in order to achieve the social of the university. it affects the quality of the output, descriptive survey method was used to identify the academic and social problems of the female students at the Faculty of Applied medical Science and correlate problems to the level of their performance. there was a questionnaire consists (of 64) phrases , which were distributed into (8) axes and applied to a random sample of (210) at different levels in the first semester of the academic year 2014-2015, Departments of MLT, PHT ,CLN ,DRD . The study showed : the problem of University environment ranked the first place , University library in the Scand place ,but the problems related to Curriculum the in third place , the problems related to the field training in fourth place ,Followed by problems related to psychological and socialproblems in fifth place, problems related to academic guidance in sixth place, the problems related to the time table in seventh place , finally came problems on the faculty staff in the eighth and last place and that the most important variables affecting the academic performance of the students There are significant correlation relationship between each of the University environment, academic guidance ,University library and field training on the one hand , and the cumulative average of the other hand no significant correlation relationships between the academic performance of students in the study and curriculum, faculty staff where it appeared that the correlation coefficients were not significant at the 5% level Recommendations to the college administration to conceived proposal for mechanisms to confirm how to deal with the academic problems in the college through comprehensive strategy to solve and prevent academic problems faced the students ,solve the problem of Library, And reconsider some courses , need to Attention to academic guidance processes, And of balanced scales of study and examination tables and employing specializes in social worker and Psychology in the college.
Keywords: Academic problems ,social problems ,The level of academic performance and GPA .
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Title: Causes, Effects and Remedies to the incessant Building Collapse in Lagos State, Nigeria
Author(s): Akande Basirat F., Debo-Saiye B., Akinjobi Samuel D., Alao Timothy O., Akinrogunde Oluwatoyin. O
Pages: 15-30 Paper ID:167703-1604-1818-IJBAS-IJENS Published: August, 2016
Abstract: The factors affecting building collapse in Lagos have been a major concern in Nigeria as it threatens human lives and properties in the state because of its occurrence at close intervals. People erect buildings without considering some factors and codes which are necessary to put in place before embarking on any development and these calls for a reason to emphasize on the remedies to put an end to this disasters. This paper has posited that various factors are responsible for the incessant causes of building collapse in Lagos state, include the use of substandard materials, coupled with the activities of quacks which have inexorably contributed to the incidence of building collapse. In an attempt to find lasting solution to the causes and effects of building collapse in Lagos state, this paper examines types of collapse, as posited by different authors; some of the major causes of building collapse include: bad design, fire, lack of proper supervision, faulty construction and alteration of approved drawings etc. as well as the effects and problems caused by building collapse. Finally, useful suggestions were proffered as corrective measures, also far reaching recommendations were made.
Keywords: Incessant, Building Collapse, Lagos State, Building Failure, Effects, Cause and Remedies.
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