Title: Application of Deep Learning in Computerized Tomography Images of Patients of Covid-19
Author(s): Çetin GENÇER, Ramazan ALİOĞLU, Mustafa YILDIRIM
Pages: 1-5 Paper ID:210201-7373-IJET-IJENS Published:February, 2021
Abstract: In this study, We aimed at developing an algorithm to lessen radiographers’ workload and help related physicians in this process. For this purpose: we used AlexNet, a method of deep learning and processed CT of suspects of Covid-19 patients to provide an early diagnosis and treatment of defection in lungs of patient caused by virus. The success rate of developed algorithm is 96.95%. Accuracy of this rate is tested and approved by expert radiographer.
Keywords: 2019-nCoV, diagnosis of Covid-19, deep learning, AlexNet.
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