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Title: Perception, Urban Memory, Place Identity: The Case of Yassiada
Author(s): Tuğşad Tülbentçi, Muhammed Fatih ÇETİNTAŞ
Pages: 1-12 Paper ID:181904-6363-IJET-IJENS Published:August, 2018
Abstract: The built environment has an important place in the past and future in our minds. The peripheries we perceive are gaining their identity with architectural products and the place we have in our memory and what it means. The memories live in the spaces and allow the places to be memorized and remembered with associations over time. Yassıada; it differs from this situation in that it takes place in memories with a social event. Yassida is evaluated in the context of a symbolic perception as well as social habits in this study. Spaces occupy separate spaces in memory due to their reflection on life, but Yassıada; since there is no place in everyday life and usage is closed, the formation of Yassıada identity in this study is made up of memory, place identity and built environment data, the position of Yassıada's urban memory trace; perception - spatial memory - ground identity relationship, were searched. The case study was followed as a method in the study. By using the survey technique in the field study, the case study was carried out for different user profile. As a result of the study, the relationship between perception, place identity and spatial memory has been tried to be revealed by questionnaire studies conducted in Yassıada sample.
Keywords: Space Memory, Perception, Place Identity, Built Environment, Yassıada.
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