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Title: Passenger Perception On Airport Terminal Facilities Performance (Case Study: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia)
Author(s): Sakti Adji Adisasmita
Pages: 1-10 Paper ID: 122302-8484-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: The study purpose is to analyse the passengers perception toward the performance, service level and prospect of terminal facilities development at airport terminal building. The methodology used in this study is Importance-Performance Analysis, to analyse the passenger perception at the terminal of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The conclusion that can be drawn from the results of Importance-Performance Analysis as follows: waiting room and food and beverage were priority for expanded; airline counters frontage/check-in, lobby and inspection (lobby and ticketing), and departure lounge were in good condition but must be maintained; baggage claim and baggage inspection areas indicated affecting the satisfaction of service users; and airlines ticketing office, supporting services, and concourse were not affecting the interest/satisfaction of service user. The suggestions were:  the decision to expand the airport terminal area should be used as a second alternative, before deciding expanding this area, it was better to manage the traffic (passenger and aircraft flows) and flight schedules/frequencies such that the expected distribution of traffic should be in a more evenly distributed; and should be improved the human resources managementat Soekarno-Hatta Airport in terms of services to passengers; and managing the entertainmnet facilities in airport terminal building as effectively and eficiently based on space standars requirements.
Keywords: Passenger perception, airport terminal, facilities performance
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Title: Recovery Of Glycerine From Spent Palm Kernel Soap And Palm Oil Soap Lye
Author(s): Efeovbokhan, Vincent Enon, Anawe, Paul Apeye Lucky, Adeeyo, Opeyemi, Obafunso, Bisola Aderonke
Pages: 11-16 Paper ID: 122402-7171-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: The recovery of glycerine from spent soap lye has been done using soap lye samples obtained from the cold process of soap production using palm kernel oil (PKO) and palm oil (PO). The overall weight of glycerine recovered per 200g of oil used, was 9.8g (4.9%) and 9.4g (4.7%) from PKO and PO soap lye respectively. Thus an average of 56.3% and an average of 53.9% of the glycerine in spent soap lye were recovered from PKO and PO soap lye respectively. Higher quantity of brine (200g at 8% concentration) was needed to recover 9.8g of glycerine from PKO soap lye than that (50g at 12% concentration) required to recover 9.4g of glycerine from PO soap lye. The weight of glycerine obtained from palm kernel soap lye increased steadily going through some maxima at various brine concentrations before they began to drop. At 8% concentration, the maximum value of glycerine obtained was 9.8g, 7.9g at 10% concentration, 8g at 12 and 15% concentrations respectively. While the weight of glycerine recovered from palm oil soap lye increased minimally at all concentrations. At 8% concentration the maximum value of glycerine recovered was 8.2g, 9g at 10% concentration, 9.4g at 12% concentration and 9.1g at 15% concentration.
Keywords: Glycerine, Recovery, Spent soap lye, soap quality
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Title: An Online Auction Trust Model Composed of Multi-Key-Factors Trust Path
Author(s): Wenjia Wang, Dingwei Wang
Pages: 17-22 Paper ID: 122802-6060-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: In order to solve the problems of trust evaluation in the field of online auction, this paper designs a trust model composed of multi-key-factors trust path. Based on the existing trust model, this new model tries to solve the problems of no-standard, no-view and no-prevention. It divided the trust into direct trust and recommended trust. Each trust Calculation depends on its path. As we know, many kinds of factors are affecting both the direct-trust-path and the recommended-trust-path. These key-factors run through the whole course of online auction. Study on trust paths of using key-factors, we can get a comprehensive trust model. Based on the evaluation by this way, it could reduce the impact of fraud behavior on the trust model, and improve the accuracy of the computation.
Keywords: Online Auctions; Trust Model; Trust Path; Total Trust; Direct Trust; Recommended trust
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Title: Low Cost Configuration of Data Acquisition System for Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s): M. Rahmat, M. Azis, E. Rustami, W. Maulina, K.B. Seminar, A.S. Yuwono, H. Alatas
Pages: 23-32 Paper ID: 124402-5757-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: In this study we have developed a low cost configuration wireless data acquisition system (WDAS). The low cost configuration of WDAS must be consist of low cost material or part and component, low power consumption, free charge application development using any open software that is possible and compatible with recent operation systems. We use the Arduino-based open hardware with DFRduino module, which is equipped with a LMC660-based signal conditioning for voltage follower, active low pass filter and PGA Instrumentation amplifier 204. The wireless communication system comprises IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee platform using XBee-PRO module. The display of data can be performed in desktop and web applications using a graphical user interface (GUI) and programming language Visual Basic (VB 6.0), hypertext preprocessor (PHP), asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and J-Query techniques. The data are stored in a database server accessible in real time in MySQL. The data can also be logged in Microsoft Excel file format.
Keywords: Low-cost configuration, acquisition, wireless, real-time, microcontroller
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Title: An improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Optimal Winner Determination Problem in Reverse Combinatorial Auction
Author(s): Qi Ning, wang ding-wei
Pages: 33-37 Paper ID: 125202-9494-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: Reverse Combinatorial auctions, that is, auctions where bidders can bid on the supply right of combinations of items, tend to lead to more efficient allocations than traditional auction mechanisms in multi-item auctions where the agents' valuations of the items are not additive. A common model is formulated for optimal the winner determination problem of reverse combinatorial auction. A PRIM (Preprocessing Rules-Based Improved MMAS) algorithm is adopted for the problem. Three preprocessing rules was proved to be feasibility. By applying two of the preprocessing rules before serching begins, noncompetitive bids can be removed efficiently and the bid scale was decreased. By using the other preprocessing rule in every round of serch, unnecessary trials will be avoid early. Simulation results show that the PRIM algorithm achieves good performance than MMAS in different size problems. Meanwhile PRIM performs more steadly than MMAS as the number of bidders increase.
Keywords: Reverse combinatorial auction; Online procurement; Winner determination problem; MMAS; Preprocessing rule
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Title: Nonlinear Response of SemiSWATH Ship, Bow-diving, and Fin Stabilizer Effect in Following Seas
Author(s): Rahimuddin, Adi Maimun, Pauzia Abdul Ghani, Agoes Priyanto, Andi Haris Muhammad
Pages: 38-47 Paper ID: 125802-7979-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: In this research, the response of a Semi-SWATH (Small Waterplane Area) ship in following sea condition with fins stabilizer was investigated. In the waves, a ship move with periodic dynamic surge motion caused by the external sea wave force and moment. In addition, in following seas with high steep waves, the ship can surf, high pitch, bow-dive, and lead the ship in the non-linear response. A numerical simulation program in 3DOF (surge, heave and pitch) with time varying model equation was developed to study the ship responses. This study focuses on the effect of variation of wave parameter to the ship response and the effects of fins stabilizer; fixed and active. The numerical simulations were validated with model tests in towing tank.  Simulations results showed that the dynamic ship response was stabilized effectively and reduced pitch angle by active fins stabilizer action.
Keywords: Semi SWATH, bow-diving ,surf-riding
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Title: Level Of Service Analysis And Airport Terminal Development   (Case Study: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia)
Author(s): Sakti Adji Adisasmita
Pages: 48-61 Paper ID: 126302-8383-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: Air transport is basically growing rapidly, given the advantages that can travel long distances and is the most reasonable alternative when the time is essential. Airport became one of the important gateway in and out of a contry. The study purpose is to analyse the level of service and airport terminal facilities development. The methodology used in this study was Terminal Area Techniques Analysis refer to FAA and IATA Standards, to analyse the development airport terminal facilities at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The conclusion that can be drawn from the results of Terminal Area Techniques Analysis as follows: the total needs terminal 2D area was ​​51,790.59 m², 24.16 m²/peak hours passenger and terminal 2E was 42,906.64 m² and 24.60 m²/peak hours passenger. The recommendations are: (1) the decision to develop the airport terminal facilities should be used as a second alternative, it is better to managing the traffic (passenger and aircraft flows) and flight schedules/frequency, such that the expected distribution of the number of passengers and aircrafts become more prevalent; (2) considered the suggestions and expectations of the terminal users based on interviews results and also the facilities should be placed as effectively and efficiently according to their function; (3) For further work can be considered to analyse the needs of domestic passenger terminal at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.
Keywords: Level of service, airport terminal, space standards
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Title: Effect of magnetic field and non-homogeneity on the radial vibrations in hollow elastic cylinder
Author(s): A.M.Abd-Alla, S. R. Mahmoud, M.H.Al :thagafy
Pages: 62-82 Paper ID: 12-1111302-9494-02-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: In the present paper, the effects of magnetic field and non-homogeneity on wave propagation of free harmonic waves in isotropic material is discussed on the basis of the linear theory of elasticity. The one-dimensional equation of elastodynamic is solved in terms of radial displacement by using technique of variables separation. In the present paper three different boundaries are considered namely the free, fixed and mixed. The determination is concerned with the eigenvalues of the  natural frequencies of the radial vibrations for different boundary conditions in the case of harmonic vibrations. Numerical results are given and illustrated graphically for each case considered. Comparisons are made with the results in the absence of magnetic field, rotation and non-homogeneity.
Keywords: Magnetic field, Radially-inhomogenous, Isotropic Material, Radial vibrations, Stresses
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Title: Precise Positioning in Real-Time for Visually Impaired People using Navigation Satellites
Author(s): Nawzad Al-Salihi
Pages: 83-89 Paper ID: 127302-8585-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: This paper focuses on to identify the limits and insufficiencies in utilising Network Real-Time Kinematic Global Navigation Satellite Systems (NRTK GNSS) and its augmentation techniques in a precise positioning in a real-time navigation system related to visually impaired people. The purpose was to improve the positioning performance and ensure the availability of reliable and highly accurate position solutions.Nevertheless, NRTK GNSS positioning is particularly constrained by wireless data link coverage, delays of correction and transmission and completeness, GPS and GLONASS signal availability, etc., which could downgrade the positioning quality of the NRTK results. The positioning model operates through client-server based architecture consisted of a Navigation Service Centre (NSC) and a Mobile Navigation Unit (MNU).
Keywords: Network Real Time Kinematic, GNSS, Navigation, Visually Impaired People
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Title: Interference Awareness and Reduction by Use of Mobile Transceiving Stations with Two Antennas in Mobile Radio Communication Networks
Author(s): Andrei Dynich, Hongyu Wang
Pages: 90-95 Paper ID: 124202-3131-IJET-IJENS Published: April, 2012
Abstract: This paper considers the interference awareness and reduction in mobile radio communication networks by use of mobile transceiving stations with two antennas and two delay lines. Each of delay lines is installed in a reception path of antenna that ensures constructive interference for useful signal and destructive interference for disturbance one. Such constructive suggestion leads to amplification of useful signal and to attenuation of almost all other signals received by mobile station in owing to reflection from macro obstacles. This method considers the possibility of utilization of mobile transceiving stations with two antennas not only to face the interference problem but also for simultaneous transceiving the signal by several mobile stations.
Keywords: Dual-antenna reception; dynamical delay lines; reduction of interference
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