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Title: Optimization Model for Lathe Management
Author(s): Lim Eng Aik, Syamir Alihan, Tan Wee Choon
Pages: 1-4 Paper ID: 112504-0909-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: This paper discusses the optimization model for automatic lathe continuous process periodic inspection and replacement of the cutting tool. One of the problems is to reduces the management costs by integrate theory with probability statistical method and establish a regular inspection that would provides adjustment to the average management cost. By using optimization model to perform computer simulation in order to solve the process efficiency in term of finding the best period for cutting tool replacement and also for running inspection for the machine. Furthermore, with the use of probability adjustment on the inspection interval, and enables the computing of the average downtime loss caused during inspection time interval to establish an objective function that capable to provide the best design processes and tool replacement period for inspection intervals. This model is design to effectively reduce the downtime losses and improve process efficiency. Finally, based on the proposed model evaluation, some suggestion on improving the management efficiency and reducing costs are provided at the end section of this paper.
Keywords: Optimization, modeling, lathe management, cost function.
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Title: Providing Vegetable Stearic Acid Super V 1895 S from Hydrogenated of Crude Vegetable Stearic Acid HCV 1895 S with a Single Fractional Distillation Column
Author(s): Muhammad Yusuf. Ritonga
Pages: 5-14 Paper ID: 110404-3737-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: In 2005 stearic acid V 1895 S is manufactured for 1st time in Indonesia base on the natural vegetable oil, Crude Palm Oil to apply Twin Rivers’s demand. One of it specific quality (iodine value 0.15 g/100 g maximum) is very influence to the purifying steps, one of the steps is purifying of hydrogenated crude V 1895 S (HCV 1895 S) feed by a single column of fractional distillation to produce V 1895 S with the lowest possible of it iodine value, lower than the maximum value. The results of application and small adjustments of determination operating conditions of the single column priority based on the feed composition, product composition of V 1895 S and it pressure drop character are compared based on it quality standards. This is the method used in this research to provide V 1895 S and conducted in the plant scale of PT. XXX factory with production yield 88 - 89 % of 0.90mt HCV 1895 S, unsaturated content is lower than 0.15 g/100 g and higher than 98 % w/w C18 purity. In general the specific quality standards of V 1895 S can be met.
Keywords: Quality standards, fractionation, composition, unsaturated content, adjustments.
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Title: Developing Testing Plant and Methods for Water Processing and Control for Thermal Power Stations
Author(s): M. K. L. Bhatti, B. M. Larin, A. B. Larin, W. Q. Awan
Pages: 15-19 Paper ID: 111904-7575-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: In this paper we discussed about establishment of an experimental filter plant which combine 3 different filtration techniques and used for testing of ionite material and instruments used for process control. Also discussed a calculating method used for determining the concentration of different minerals at different stages of filtration.
Keywords: ---
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Title: Study of Enhancing the Swirl Burner Performance On a Small scale Biomass Gasification
Author(s): Adi Surjosatyo, Farid Nasir Ani
Pages: 20-29 Paper ID: 112304-7676-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: There are many processes for converting biomass into a more useful form of energy. One of the most popular technological processes is through direct combustion of biomass or in a controlled atmosphere or gasification. The current gasifier that has a maximum heat capacity of combustion system of 15.02 kW, used to burn biomass (oil palm shell) produces gases of low calorific gas through a low calorific swirl gas burner. Some problem appears using low calorific, it causes no circulation and weak swirling flame, and this will be an increase of residence time at high temperature. The gas burner, which is incorporated with the two-stage biomass combustion system, consists of burner tube and swirl-vane. These swirl gas burners that consist of different turning vane positions i.e. 20o, 30o and 40o, are equal to the swirl number of 0.22, 0.356 and 0.508, respectively. The experimental shows that maximum heat release of the gas burner is 5.8 kW at equivalence ratio of 1.21 with the gas flow rate of 1.04 g/hr. The flame temperature of the gas burner reached a range of 590 to 677 oC at the equivalence ratio, ? of 1.16 to 1.66. In case of swirl flames while increased the swirl number, the flame length decreased significantly with the increasing premixing and flame changed from orange-yellow color to a blue color as the characteristics of a higher level of premixing.
Keywords: Gas burner, Swirl Burner Performance, biomass gasification, swirl flame
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Title: Effect of Polystyrene-Modified Natural Rubber as High Molecular Weight Modifier in Polypropylene Based Binary Blends
Author(s): Ong S.K., Azanam S. Hashim
Pages: 30-37 Paper ID: 113204-9595-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: Laboratory synthesized polystyrene-modified natural rubber (SNR) was used in polypropylene (PP) based as modifier. PP volume was reduced while natural rubber (NR) and SNR volume were increased. The range of ratios evaluated are 70/30; 55/45, 50/50 and 45/55 by volume. PP/SNR blends resulted in better tensile properties, flexural properties, impact strength, elastic energy and reprocessing retention properties but similar tear strength in comparison with PP/NR blends at the similar blend ratios. Those mechanical properties are in agreement with morphological analysis. In comparing PP based blends in this study with relevant thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), results showed that PP/NR: 70/30 and PP/SNR: 70/30 blends have better tensile properties compare to polyolefins/ NR. While in comparison with Santoprene®, those blends are at the higher end of Santoprene® tensile strength and modulus 100 and lower end of Santoprene® elongation at break.
Keywords: Natural rubber. polypropylene, polystyrene-modified natural rubber, thermoplastic elastomer.
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Title: A Markov Chain Model Analysis of GSM Network Service Providers Marketing Mix
Author(s): Datong, G. Monday
Pages: 38-43 Paper ID: 113804-7676-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: First order Markov Chain is used to find out the equilibrium market share of products in the present period as a basis for predicting future market shares. The strength of subscribers’ loyalty to selected network service providers over a period using variance analysis revealed that subscribers’ loyalty is functionally not dependent on the subjective perception of subscribers, but on its five marketing mix determinants; network coverage, tariff, free sms, connectivity and customer services. By estimating the Transition Probability matrix (TPM), using the method of Unweighted Restricted Ordinary Least Squares; the scope of subscribers’ loyalty, subscribers switching probabilities among service providers were calculated to suggest the probable marketing mix on equilibrium market share. From the results, it was suggested that the optimum marketing mix among the various service providers were as follows: MTN 52.5%, Globacom 27.5%, Zain 15.4% and etisalat 4.7%. These proportions can be used as a guiding principle on future allocation purposes (i.e. optimal policy that maximizes the expected revenue of the process over a finite number of stages). Other subsequent periods were predicted using the model. From the study, it was concluded that for a profitable operation of any telecommunication network service provider, its marketing strategy must be designed to ensure that these variables; network coverage, tariff, free sms, connectivity and customer services interact optimally.
Keywords: Markov Chain Market Share Model, Market Share Determination, Subscribers’ Switching Behaviour, Transition Probability Matrix.
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Title: Optimization of Remote Meteorological Parameters in Predicting the Air Pollutant (NO2) Distribution by Petrochemical Industry along Coastal Zone at East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
Author(s): Mohd H. Ibrahim, Ahmad M. Abdullah, Nor M. Adam, Juliana Jalaludin, W. M. Norhisyam W. Mamat, Mohd N. Ibrahim, Noraniah Abdul Aziz
Pages: 43-51 Paper ID: 115604-8282-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: As commonly observed throughout the world, the meteorological parameters at coastal area are influenced by both rotation of wind direction and sea breezes wind vectors features. Theoretically, this atmospheric condition describes difficulties in predicting on ground concentration of pollutant using the acceptable method of dispersion under the turbulence properties. This research applies the air dispersion modeling using ISCT3 software in order to predict on ground concentration of NO2 from selected petrochemical plants in Kertih, Terengganu, located at North East of Peninsular Malaysia Meteorological data of year 2008 obtained from the Kuala Terengganu Meteorology Station was used as input to the ISCT3 software. This meteorology station is located approximately 95 km north-west off the study site which contains the pollutant sources and verification point. The modeling domains covered a 20 x 20 km2 area centre of the petrochemical industry with grid spacing of 500 meter each as dummy receptors. During verification process, the significance improvement through the optimization analysis of wind direction proven that the correlation coefficient of predicted over the actual NO2 concentration improve from 0.68 to 0.91. The average maximum monthly and yearly on ground concentration NO2 obtained is at 13.97 ug/m3 and 6.91 ug/m3 respectively. The annual value is much below the Malaysian and WHO guidelines which is at 90 ug/m3 and 40 ug/m3 respectively. No benchmarking could be gauged on the monthly value since no guideline is available.
Keywords: Air dispersion modeling, optimization analysis, correlation coefficient, NO2, ISCT3.
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Title: Characterization of Okhuen (Brachystegia Nigerica) Wood as a potential Reinforcement for polymer composites
Author(s): Atuanya. C. U, Ibhadode. A. O. A
Pages: 52-59 Paper ID: 116004-7272-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: Okhuen (Brachysegia Nigerica) wood is a species of legume in the fabaceae family. It is found in Southern Nigeria and Cameroun and elsewhere for construction purposes and fire wood. For their use as reinforcement in polymer composites production requires the understanding of their chemical composition, microstructure and thermal behavior. In this work an attempt was made to investigate the morphology of Okhuen wood through scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffractometer, their thermal behavior through thermogravimetric analysis, their functional groups through Infra red spectrometry. The various results obtained are comparable to those of other common wood fibers, and confirm that Okhuen wood saw dust show some potential as reinforcement in polymer matrix composites.
Keywords: Okhuen wood, Morpology, Thermal and Functional Group.
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Title: A preliminary review of implementing Enterprise Mobile Application in ERP environment
Author(s): Adnan Al Bar, Essam Mohamed, Mohd. Khursheed Akhtar, Faris Abuhashish
Pages: 60-65 Paper ID: 116504-2828-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: This paper focuses on groundwork assessment of Enterprise Mobile Application (EMA) in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment which presents implementation challenges to mobile application development framework. Generally, there are five layers of taxonomies of enterprise mobile application such as mobile broadcast, mobile information, mobile transaction, mobile operation and mobile collaboration. But, we need one more layer as a mobile administration to control and monitor users and mobile devices which remotely monitored and controlled by administrators.
Keywords: Enterprise; resource; planning; framework; taxonomies.
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Title: Software on Auto Billing System
Author(s): Tajrin Ishrat, Yasir Arafat
Pages: 66-74 Paper ID: 116604-5959-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: Now-a-days auto billing system is widely used throughout the world. Its use is growing up day by day. There are different sectors which use auto billing system. Software on auto billing system of telephone exchange is the project work of this paper. It provides multi dimensional functions such as individual paper invoice for the subscriber, details paper invoice of all subscriber’s for office record, option of showing detail bill information such as charging rate, calling time, call duration etc. in printed form upon the subscriber’s query and more options. All the record will be stored on that software. So after long time anyone can check his billing status. Telephone bill was made depending on different calling rate, calling time, time duration using this software and all these had made in automatic way. We just need to give the required collected raw data. And this database would be connected with this software and an invoice will be made in automatic way. This software is user friendly & protected. It can be implemented to any kind of billing system after simple modification.
Keywords: Auto Billing, Visual basic code, Form, Calling Charge, Information Database, Raw data, Arrear Bill.
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Title: Assessment of Electrochemical Methods for Methanol Crossover Measurement through PEM of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Author(s): M. Bello
Pages: 75-84 Paper ID: 116904-5858-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: It is important to have accurate, reliable, and convenient techniques for determining the methanol crossover rate through the polymer electrolyte membranes of fuel cells. In this work, various electrochemical techniques, namely; cyclic voltammetry, chronoampero- metry and potentiometry, have been used to measure the methanol crossover rates using Nafion® 117 membrane. The purpose of using different techniques is to suggest the best, most accurate and reliable technique for the determination of the methanol crossover rates. The permeability values obtained for the Nafion® 117 membrane at 22?C using the above techniques are in the range of 1.11 x 10-6 to 1.27 x 10-6 cm2/s. The obtained permeability values are comparable to one another and correspond well with the literature values at similar conditions. However, potentiometric technique was found to be easier and gave better reproducibility as well as more data points.
Keywords: Direct methanol fuel cell, methanol crossover, polymer electrolyte membranes, membrane permeability, electrochemical techniques.
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Title: Optimization Study on TSF Based on Dynamic Modeling Combined with Genetic Algorithm for a Steel Mill
Author(s): Wang Li-guo, Li Linchun, Lv Linlin, Xu Dian-guo
Pages: 85-96 Paper ID: 117904-9393-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: Considering the terrible harmonic pollution and rapid variable reactive power due to the furnaces of 35kV bus, the TSF(Thyristor Switched Filters)has been studied in this paper. Due to superior performance of TSF such as high voltage, big capacity and fast response of compensating reactive power, it was applied to suppress harmonic current and compensate reactive power of secondary side of main transformer of a steel mill of Heilongjiang Province in China. An optimization method of TSF that combining dynamics with GA (Genetic Algorithm) is proposed in this paper. The work conditions of TSF were modeled and analyzed by Thevenin and Norton theorem, respectively. Considering the perturbation of impedance and frequency of the 35kV power system, response of fundamental current injected into every filter of TSF was analyzed based on dynamics analyzing method. Expressions of harmonic current injected into every filter of TSF were given by character calculation. The results of numerical analysis and measuring results show that, by TSF the harmonic currents injected into power system accord with Chinese national standard GB/T-14549-93 and its power factor is increased to 0.95 from before 0.82. In fact, proposed method can apply to suppress harmonics and compensate reactive power of furnace of 35kV bus of the steel mile.
Keywords: Thyristor Switched Filter; dynamics modeling; parameter perturbation; harmonic current; reactive power; GA (Genetic Algorithm) .
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Title: Review of Vibration Signal Processing Techniques Towards Gear Pairs Damage Identification
Author(s): Rusmir Bajric, Denijal Sprecic, Ninoslav Zuber
Pages: 97-101 Paper ID: 118604-5454-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: Research in damage of gear and gear pairs using vibration signals is still very attractive, because vibration signals from a gear pairs are complex in nature and not easy to interpret. Predicting gear pairs defects by analyzing changes in vibration signal of gears pairs in operation is a very reliable method. Therefore, a suitable vibration signal processing technique is necessary to extract defect information usually covered under noise of other gear pairs dynamic factors. This paper presents the results of an evaluation of vibration analysis techniques as a method for the gear and gear pairs condition assessment. The origin of vibration in gear pairs and useful definition of damage identification techniques are presented. The detection and assessment capability of some of the most effective vibration techniques are discussed and experimentally compared, concerning a multistage industrial gearbox. In particular, the results of estimated vibration signal processing techniques are compared. Advantages and disadvantages of estimated techniques having in mind specific limitation have been shown. Further research in damage identification of gear pairs have been pointed out.
Keywords: Spiral bevel gear, gear pairs, gear damage, vibration signal processing.
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Title: Experimental Study of the Effects of CO2 Gas Kick on the Properties Water-Based Drilling Fluid
Author(s): Adebayo, Thomas A, Harrison Oluwaseyi, Olusoga Opeyemi, Igweze Augusta
Pages: 102-104 Paper ID: 1110204-8686-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: This research investigates the effect of CO2 gas kick on the properties of a water-based mud during drilling. This research is necessary because of the global program of CO2 capture and storage in underground reservoir and also because the success of a drilling operation is greatly dependent on the drilling mud design as a result of direct relationship between drilling mud properties and the safety factor of drilling operation. This research aims at finding the implication of a CO2 leakage from a nearby CO2 storage reservoir on drilling activities in a given reservoir. A basic water-based mud was prepared and the properties of the mud were investigated as CO2 is injected into the mud at interval to simulate CO2 gas kick during drilling. The measured properties of the injected mud indicated that there was a 16.3% reduction in the density of the mud upon CO2 injection within the first 11days. That is, there was a thinning of the mud which will result into pressure under-balance resulting into further influx of the CO2 to the well been drilled and this is dangerous for the drilling operation except the surface pressure is increased or a weighting material added to the mud. The study shows that there was a corresponding dangerous 75.23% reduction in the viscosity of the mud within the first 11 days of contact with CO2 which makes the mud totally ineffective in its ability to clean the well and transport drill cuttings to surface and this will result into lower drilling rate and higher drilling cost. After the first 11 days of CO2 influx, the density and viscosity of the drilling mud remains constant and this is an indication that a drilling mud, when reconditioned with a viscosifier, can be reused after some days of CO2 contamination without a further CO2 kick altering its density and viscosity properties. The research also indicated that the pH of the mud reduces gradually until the 11th day turning an initial basic mud to a slightly acidic mud. This is an indication of possible reduction in equipment corrosion. The resistivity of the mud also increased 58.8% within the first 11days of the research which is an indication of reduced ionic activities as a result of reactions between the injected CO2 and the mud.
Keywords: CO2 kick, drilling mud, mud density, CO2 solubility.
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Title: The Persistence of ‘Candi’ Representation in Modern Architecture in Indonesia A Study of Architectural Representation in Post-Colonial Era
Author(s): Rahadhian P. H.
Pages: 105-112 Paper ID: 114904-6363-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: The sources of inspiration for architectural design can be traced by way of reference to the history of the past. The dynamic of architectural developments in Indonesia indicates the presence of one of the products of this history that persistently rears its head and has been employed up to the present, as has been the case with classical architecture (Greco-Roman) in the West. Indonesian culture shows the presence of a significant plurality, even if the resulting products have been used creatively and with conspicuous persistence in the development of its architecture. The elements of architectural design considered to be persistent and still in use until today happen to be the ones originating in the architecture of the Hindu-Buddhist era in Indonesia, namely the temples called candi. Although Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, the architectural elements representation that refer to this pre-Islamic tradition can be regarded as architectural archetypes that have been persistently used from the Islamic era (from the 15th century onwards) up to the present – post colonial era.
Keywords: Persistent, candi, representation, Post-colonial era.
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Title: Performance Evaluation of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beam
Author(s): M. M. Rahman, M. H. Rashid, M. A. Hossain, M. T. Hasan, M. K. Hasan
Pages: 113-118 Paper ID: 1110504-2626-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: Traditionally steel is used as reinforcement in concrete. But because of cost and availability, replacement of steel with some other suitable materials as reinforcement is now a major concern. Though bamboo has been used as a construction material, especially in developing country, until today its use as reinforcement in concrete is very limited due to various uncertainties. Since bamboo is a natural, cheap and also readily available material, it can be a substitute of steel in reinforcing of concrete. In this paper, aptness of bamboo as reinforcement in concrete will be evaluated. To assess this, tensile strength test of bamboo having three and five nodes are performed. 1 m bamboo sticks of varying cross sections are used in this test. Also flexural strength test of bamboo reinforced beam is done to characterize the performance of bamboo as reinforcement. Singly and double bamboo reinforced beams of 750 mm length having 150 mm width and depth are compared with plain concrete beam to carry out in this test.
Keywords: Bamboo Reinforcement, Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength, Deflection .
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Title: Problems and Prospects: Universal Networking Language on Bangla Sentence Structure Perspective
Author(s): Md. Ahsan Arif
Pages: 119-126 Paper ID: 119604-8383-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: The World Wide Web (WWW) is most effective communication media now a day. The WWW represents a revolutionary tool to communicate and access information. It enables us to access innumerable documents about a huge variety of topics, from any place around the world. However, despite the abundance of information, languages very often cause problems. When most of the web pages today are written in few most commonly used languages as like English, French, Chinese etc, it becomes difficult for a person with insufficient knowledge of these languages to access and use this tool of communication and information. This has prompted the need to devise means of automatically converting the information from one natural language to another natural language, called Machine Translation. This process needs syntactic and semantic analysis of both source and target languages. Interlingua based machine translation has received a considerable attention because of economy of translation of effort and also additional attraction of the Interlingua providing a knowledge representation scheme. In this paper we present the computational analysis of the complex case structure of Bengali with a view toward Interlingua based MT.
Keywords: Universal Networking Language, Machine Translation, En-Converter, De-Converter, Bangla Sentence Conversion.
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Title: The Common Room Design of Islamic Boarding School: A Preliminary Research in Yogyakarta Islamic Boarding School
Author(s): Nensi Golda Yuli, Sri Haningsih, Radhika Adikrishna
Pages: 127-134 Paper ID: 116304-4747-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: Islamic boarding school as an institution that carries the noble goal as a printer Muslim scholars in the 5 (five) years has been experiencing image’s degradation due to a series of terrorism incidents in Indonesia. Many things need to be straightened related to educational activities which are implemented in Pondok pesantren, including to provide the facilities for its implementation. Common room in a boarding school is a vital area in the learning process between educators and students cottage, and between the area of interaction with the lodge of the surrounding community. This article is related to how an early exposure to common space in a boarding school can affect user behavior. This paper is a result from research series of boarding schools that have a long-term goal to find a shared space model based on local cultural aspects in the context of teaching at the Islamic education system of the actual (pure). The specific goal of this research is aimed to provide the standard of facilities development in Islamic boarding schools that is able to accommodate the time and to eliminate the incidence of deviant behavior of the students who are educated within and the anticipation to the radical movements implicated in the lodge.
Keywords: Common room, boarding schools, Islamic education, students behaviour.
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Title: The Dual-Loop Control System for Variable Frequency Power
Author(s): Liping Zhao, Wanying Yao, Lei Fan
Pages: 135-138 Paper ID: 117204-3535-IJET-IJENS Published: August, 2011
Abstract: — In order to meet the demand of the signal test device of phase-sensitive, by modeling and simulating on the transient stability and load change resistance, the control stability of variable frequency power is increased with parameter configuration, increased phase margin and amplitude margin. Besides, using ARM embedded kernel control chip the dual variable frequency power is established with the current loop model and the voltage loop model to have a simulation test, furthermore, a PI control strategy was applied to control the voltage fluctuation and improve the dynamic performance as well as stability of the device.
Keywords: dual variable frequency power; PWM; PID; bode diagram .
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