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Author(s): Mohammed A. Mutar, Ahmed A. Moosa, Zainab H. Mahdi
Pages: 1-9 Paper ID:192304-8686-IJCEE-IJENS Published: August, 2019
Abstract:-- Graphene oxide (GO) is important in engineering applications such as in concrete technology. After prepared GO from EG in a domestic microwave heating time(80s). GO was added to the mixtures at five different ratios (0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5) % by weight of cement. These ratios were studied to choose the optimum percent of GO in concrete. Thus, the best ratio was 0.05% of GO by weight of cement, which gives the highest compressive strength in graphene oxide concrete nanocomposite (GOCNC). So, the percentages increase in the compressive strength, flexural strength and split tensile strength of GOCNC with 0.05% GO and 3% superplasticizer by weight of cement were 64% ,29% and 22.2% respectively at curing time 28 days compared to the reference specimens. Thus, the addition of GO to concrete mixture enhances the compressive, split tensile and flexural strengths. Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images for 0.05%GOCNC showed that GO layers is well dispersed and no GO agglomeration.
Keywords: Exfoliated graphite(EG), Graphene Oxide (GO), Oxidation, Graphene Oxide Concrete Nanocomposite(GOCNC), compressive strength, flexural strength, split tensile strength.
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