Title: The Potential Effectiveness of the Coffee Shop Business on Economic Behaviour in South Sulawesi
Author(s): Rustan
Pages: 1-10 Paper ID:211601-9393-IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2021
Abstract: The type of qualitative research through the phenomenological approach, the results showed that the existence of coffee stalls become an attraction for the community, where the function is not merely drinking coffee but also serves as a place Rest also as a place to receive the guests, in the development of the coffee shop experienced developments where the menu is presented has begun to vary, and already many are equipped with life music, the development of coffee stalls that were initially Only for the general public experienced a shift in the economic level of the upper class, so that the existence of coffee shop is needed in every corner of the city in South Sulawesi.
Keywords: E conomics, coffee shop, break, community
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