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Title: Measurement of Electrical and Optical Properties of RBCs from Chronic Kidney Patients
Author(s): Mashael. S. Alshammari
Pages: 1-12 Paper ID:182903-7474-IJBAS-IJENS Published: June, 2018
Abstract: The study investigated the dielectric constant, electrical conductivity and relaxation time of dialysis treatment on the physical properties of haemoglobin (Hb) molecules of hemodialysis patients. The studied group consisted of more than 30 patients from chronic renal failure patients and under regular hemodialysis for 12 h/week and Red Blood cells (RBCs) were extracted from the blood of some patients that had chronic renal failure before and after dialysis. Electrical parameters were measured in the frequency range of 20 Hz up to 1 MHz using a WAYNE KERR precision component analyzer, the measured values of the capacitance (C ), and resistance ( R ) were used to calculate the real (Ɛ') and imaginary part (Ɛ'') of the complex permittivity in addition to calculation the conductivity (σ), the relaxation time (τ) and Cole-Cole parameter. Optical measurements were done on the extracted RBCs to calculate the absorption spectra of Hb molecules. The absorption spectra measured in the range 200-800 nm. The obtained data proved that patient used regular haemodialysis for long period demonstrated a remarkable change in Hb characteristics and structure. These changes are mainly due to increasing intensity of amino acid (AA) and uraemic toxins which cooperated in the phospholipid bilayer of RBCs membrane and distribution changes of Hb molecules. This led to RBCS metabolic failure which is fed back on the intensity of their production in bone marrow.
Keywords: Electrical, haemodialysis, Hemolysis , optical parameters.
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Title: The Effectof Lauric Acid in The Crystalizationof Triglycine Sulphate Single Crystals
Pages: 13-16 Paper ID:183003-5656-IJBAS-IJENS Published: June, 2018
Abstract: Non linear optical crystals play a vital role in the evolution of nonlinear optics and its impact on technology.They have potential applications in emerging fields as optical communication,sensor protection and laser technology.Second order nonlinear optical crystals have been used in devices such as waveguides,frequency doublers,parametic amplifiers,electro-optic modulators,optical switches etc. In the present investication various mole % of Lauric acid was used as the dopant for the crystallization of Triglycine sulphate.The effect of Lauric acid in the crystallization was studied. The morphological,structural,optical, EDAX analysis, and second harmonic generation test were carried out.
Keywords: Glycine,Laser, Lauric acid ,proton acceptor, zwitterions.
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