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Title: Performance Evaluation of Faculty Departments by a Delphi Method Based on 2-Tuple fuzzy Linguistic Representation Model and TOPSIS
Author(s): Oğuz TORAĞAY, Murat ARIKAN
Pages: 1-10 Paper ID:150205-7373-IJBAS-IJENS Published: October, 2015
Abstract: The development of and competition in educational facilities gradually increase the service quality’s importance. To accommodate this rapid process, educational organisations attempt to measure their performance and to enhance their standards. In general, an organisation’s performance does not depend solely on one criterion; instead, it should be evaluated based on multiple criteria. In this study, the academic performances of the departments within the Engineering Faculty of one of the largest universities in Turkey, Gazi University, have been compared using a multi-attribute decision making (MADM) method, TOPSIS. The criteria weights for the TOPSIS method are determined dependent upon linguistically expressed expert opinions. Therefore, a Delphi method based on the 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic representation model for computing with words is proposed. A sensitivity analysis study is also performed to determine the most critical criterion.
Keywords: Multi Attribute Decision Making, TOPSIS, Delphi method, performance evaluation, education.
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