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Title: An Empirical Study about the Impact of Local and Global functions on Student’s Behavior
Author(s): Said Taan El-Hajjar
Pages: 1-18 Paper ID: 111501-4242 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: This study identifies the generalities on the real functions of a real variable (local study) and generalities on functions (global study). In this study we will see abstract proofs for the notions of limit and continuity. A geometrical study of a polynomial and a rational function is going to be developed through abstract proofs in this study. These abstract proofs are being refused by most students throughout the world. Moreover, they are getting afraid of them. Although mathematicians insist on these proofs to initiate logic and critical thinking among pupils, they are still difficult and complex to be absorbed by the student’s mind. A survey study is done in two universities to explore the reasons behind the pupils’ fears and to develop a model that releases them.
Keywords: Limit, continuity, rational, inversion, composite, functions, interval, monotone, bounded, power, maximum, and minimum.
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Title: Radial Vibration of Wave Propagation in an Elastic Medium of a non-Homogeneous Orthotropic Material Under Influence of Rotation
Author(s): G. A. Yahya, A. M. Abd-Alla
Pages: 19-26 Paper ID: 102006-1101-4242 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: In this paper, the non-homogeneous elastic medium in an orthotropic infinite circular cylinder subjectedto a certain boundary conditions is studied under influence of rotation.Closed-form stress solutions are obtained for the rotating orthotropic cylinder with a constant thickness for different cases (1) solid cylinder, (2) a cylinder mounted on a circular rigid shaft, and (3) a cylinder with a circularhole at the center. Numerical results are given and illustrated graphically for each case considered. The results indicate that the effect of rotation and non-homogeneity are very pronounced. Comparison made with the results predicted by the theory of elasticity in the absence of rotation.
Keywords: Elasticity, orthotropic material, Rotating cylinder, non-homogeneous material.
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Title: Micropropagation of Aglaonema using axillary shoot explants
Author(s): Totik Sri Mariani, Any Fitriani, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva Adhityo Wicaksono, Tet Fatt Chia
Pages: 27-30 Paper ID: 111601-9393 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Micropropagation of Aglaonemavar. Cochin was performed using axillary shoots as explants. Shoots could be induced on the bulb region on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 1.5 mg/l thidiazuron (TDZ).For shoot proliferation, small shoots were multiplied on MS medium supplemented by 1.5 mg/l TDZ and 3 mg/l benzylamino purine (BAP), whose addition was important to avoid callus growth. The highest multiplication rate of Aglaonemashoots was achieved at the 5 th subculture. After the 5th subculture (10 weeks) 1000 shoots could be obtained from two initial axillaryshoots. Plantlets rooted and developed on MS medium containing 3 mg/l indole-3-butyric acid. Acclimatization was performed successfully with 100% survival rate on sphagnum moss followed by transfer to soil.
Keywords: Aglaonema, axillary shoot, multiplication rate, plantlet, thidiazuron.
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Title: Recrystallization Phenomena in Melt-Spun (Fe100-xVx)75P15C10 Alloys
Author(s): M. A. S. Karal, K. Bärner, M. Kamruzzaman, D. K. Saha, F. A. Khan
Pages: 31-35 Paper ID: 112601-7878 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: (Fe100-xVx)75P15C10(x=0, 5, 10 and 15) semi-amorphous alloys were prepared by the melt spinning technique and their structural, thermal and magnetic properties were investigated. The structure of the alloys was studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD) for annealing temperatures of 400 ºC to 650 ºC within a 30 minute annealing time. The XRD patterns show that the samples contain a BCC structure for temperatures between 400 ºC to 450 ºC and a hexagonal structure for the temperatures between 500 ºC to 650 ºC. The lattice parameter of the BCC structure changes from 2.854 to 2.870 Å with the temperature. The lattice parameters a and c for the hexagonal structure are (5.011- 5.045) Å and (13.676-13.822) Å, respectively. The grain size is found to vary from 10 to 60 nm. The recrystallization temperatures of the amorphous phase volume and weight changes were measured by differential thermal analysis (DTA) and thermo gravimetry (TG), respectively. The saturation magnetization gradually decreases with the increase of the substitution of Fe by V at room temperature (RT).
Keywords: Amorphous alloys; Recrystallization; XRD; DTA; Magnetization.
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Title: Fabrication of Pllulan/Silver Nanoparticle Composite Nanospheres Using Electrospray Technique for Antibacterial Applications
Author(s): Md. Shahidul Islama, Md. Ashraful Islam Molla, Mithun Sarker, Mohammad Mainul Karim, Shah Md. Masuma, Jeong Hyun Yeum
Pages: 36-40 Paper ID: 115501-8989 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Pullulan (PULL)/silver (Ag) nanoparticlecomposite nanospheres were prepared out of aqueous solutionsusing electrospray technique by controlling the concentration of PULL solution. Since pullulan is a water soluble and interesting natural polymer for many of its merits and good properties, it is one of the best materials for preparation of antibacterial material. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), and antibacterial activity testwere done to characterize the PULL/Ag composite nanospheres morphology and properties. XRD data and TEM images support the coexistence of Ag and PULL matrix where Ag nanoparticles were well dispersed. In preservation test, aforementioned composite nanospheres confirm an excellent antibacterial performance, elucidating for practical uses as a new preservative. Moreover, the addition of Ag nanoparticles enhances thermal stability of PULL/Ag composite nanospheres.
Keywords: Electrospray, Pullulan, Silver nanoparticles,Nanospheres, Antibacterial performance.
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Author(s): Bualkar Abdullah, Yono Hadi Pramono, Eddy Yahya
Pages: 41-44 Paper ID: 116101-8585 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Prototype of double Bow-Tie microstrip slot antenna triple array using input of coplanar waveguide have been fabricated and characterized. Design of microstrip with the dielectric constant is 4.3 from FR4 substrate. The calculation was carried out form the existing data to obtain the form and dimension of antenna which can put hand to the frequency 2,4 GHz. However to fabricate of antenna where antenna picture have been made at PCB to etching by using condensation FeClO3. Microstrip slot antenna to different of wide slot and array used. The characterisation of antenna is measured by using Network Analyzer with Return Loss - 38.28 dB, -15 dB and -32.25 dB, VSWR 1.09, 1.15 and 1.10 and Bandwidth 0.68 GHz, 0.2 GHz and 0.16 GHz for wide slot 1.2 mm, 2.0 mm and single array respectively. The results indicate that the proposed microstrip structure be at to span the wideband and applicable to use in 2.4GHz wireless communication called as panel antenna.
Keywords: Panel Antenna, Microstrip, Return Loss, VSWR, Double Bow-Tie and Multi array.
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Title: The Exploratory Study of Industrial Engineering Students’ Perceived Quality Dimension
Author(s): Bualkar Abdullah, Yono Hadi Pramono, Eddy Yahya
Pages: 45-51 Paper ID: 116401-0808 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: This research aims to investigate the dimensions of Industrial Engineering students’ perceived service quality at Indonesia public higher education institution context. The research used a quantitative approach. The data was carried out through survey to 89 industrial engineering higher education students. The data analysis was using factor analysis and reliability test with cronbach alpha approach. The research result shows that the industrial engineering students’ perceived service quality is consist of five dimensions which are academic content and knowledge center, supporting facilities, lecture responsibilities,social activities, and class program and facilities.
Keywords: Perceived Service Quality Dimension, Industrial Engineering, Student.
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Title: The Collective Behavior ofMulti-Agents System for Tracking a Desired Path
Author(s): Miswantoa, I. Pranoto, H. Muhammad, D. Mahayana
Pages: 52-54 Paper ID: 116701-3838 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: The formation of movement in a colony of animals in nature is as important as the movement itself. In transportation world or multi-agents system (swarm), like in military world, the formation of aircrafts or ships is also vital. This paper addresses the tracking situation of multi agents system that models swarming behavior moving along a desired path. This paper tries to model the movement of the swarm agents to follow the desired path ina bounded 2-dimensional region. In this paper, we also study the dynamics of the center of swarm relative to the desired path. We find that the distance between the center of swarm path and the desired path is exponentially stable. Numerical simulations shows that the agents will aggregate then move together around the desired path.
Keywords: Multi-agents systems, swarm center, tracking, numerical simulation.
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Title: Injection Mould Analysis in Reducing Warpageof Nylon PA66 Side ArmsUsing Taguchi Method and ANOVA
Author(s): M. F. Ghazali, Z. Shayfull, N. A. Shuaib, S. M. Nasir, M. Mat Salleh
Pages: 55-60 Paper ID: 117501-6363 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Side arm is used as a mould in a latex-dipping process of manufacturing urinary catheters. A research previously found that a new side arm can be made from Nylon PA66 using an injection moulding process which was much more cost effective. However, there is an unwanted warpage issue that frequentlyoccurred on each of the Nylon PA66 side arms after the process takes place. Therefore,thispaper discusses effects of a number of parameters involved in producing Nylon PA66 side arms that lead to this warpage issueby means of an injection moulding process. The parameters concerned are melt temperature, filling time, packing pressure and packing time. A model of side arm is designed and simulated using simulation software to imitate the real operation of an injection moulding process. These parameters are then analyzed with respect to the deflections occurred using Taguchi method and further verified by using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) technique. At the end of this study, it is found that melt temperature and packing time play the most significant role to the existence of warpage.
Keywords: Side Arms, Nylon PA66, Catheters, Injection moulding,Taguchi Method and ANOVA.
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Title: Structural Control for Bitumen Seepages in Imeri, South-Western Nigeria
Author(s): Akinmosin, A, Omosanya, K. O, Ariyo, S. O, Folorunsho, A. F, Aiyeola, S. O
Pages: 61-67 Paper ID: 118601-4949 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Electrical resistivity survey was done to investigate the role of fault as barrier or conduit for bitumen seepages found inImeri, Southwestern Nigeria. Two (2) Vertical electrical sounding (1D) with a maximum electrode spacing(AB) of 700m using schlumberger array, and an electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) along the same profile using wenner array were used in this research work; the results were interpreted using WINKLINK and DIPROWIN respectively. The bitumen horizon was encountered atdepth of ~34.56mand ~20.99m with resistivity value of 2206 and 4398?m in VES1 and 2. The resultant lithological logs shows that layers are displaced relative to one another, with younger lithological units placed on top of older ones, this suggests the presence of a Normal fault; the fault has an estimated throw of ~28.1m. The 2D survey did not probe as deep as the VES but the resultidentified the bitumen horizon and possible fault zones. The bitumen seepages in Imeri were influenced by the presence of a fault and absence of a good cap rock. The fault is thought to serve as a conduit for the migration of the bitumen to the surface. Further fault seal analyses may incorporate the determination of the Shale Gouge Ratio (SGR) along the fault zones.
Keywords: Resistivity, Bitumen, Seepages, Fault, Conduit.
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Title: Characterization and Sensing Properties of ZnO Film In FG-FET Sensor System for NO2 Detection
Author(s): W. Widanarto, C. Senft, O. Senftleben, W. Hansch, I. Eisele
Pages: 68-72 Paper ID: 118901-7676 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: A new type of NO2gas sensor has been made using the Floating Gate Field Effect Transistor (FG-FET) sensor system. 200 nm ZnO films were deposited on Si/Ti/Pt electrodes, which are mounted onFG-FET chips. SEM and EDX characterization methods were employed to study the surface of these films. The change in the work function of the film due to their interaction with NO2 has been measured at various temperatures and relative humidities. The sensor exhibits high sensitivity and selectivity to 1-20 ppm NO2 at a temperature range between room temperature and 165°C. With t 50 ~10 s, the response time is quite fast.
Keywords: Gas Sensor, Floating Gate Field Effect Transistor (FG-FET), Zinc Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide.
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Title: Soil Bacterial Response toIntroduced Metal Stress
Author(s): Anyanwu, C. U., Nwankwo, S. C., Moneke, A. N.
Pages: 73-76 Paper ID: 116501-4343 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: The responses of aerobic heterotrophic soil bacteria community to different concentrations of different metals, namely, mercury, zinc and nickel were investigated. The heavy metals were added to soil at the levels of 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 µg/g of soil, respectively. The soil samples were incubated for 28 days during which total aerobic heterotrophic bacterial counts were taken periodically. The results demonstrated that the growth of bacteria exhibited responses which were dependent upon the type of metal and level of concentrations. Mercury at the concentration of 300 and 500 µg/g soil, inhibited growth of the bacteria by the 28th day of the study while for nickel, growth inhibition on the 28th day occurred for the 500 µg/g. However, for zinc, there was nocomplete inhibition of growth throughout the experimental period at all metal concentrations. Reduction in microbial population and loss of microbial diversity is evident as metal concentration increased.
Keywords: Heavy metals, Soil bacteria, Growth response.
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Title: Preparation of Chitosan from Shrimp Shell and Investigation of Its Properties
Author(s): Md. Monarul Islam, Shah Md. Masum, M. Mahbubur Rahman, Md. Ashraful Islam Molla, A. A. Shaikh, S. K. Roy
Pages: 77-80 Paper ID: 110201-8484 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Chitosan was prepared from shrimp processing waste (shell) using the same chemical process as described for the other crustacean species with minor modification in the treatment condition. The physicochemical properties, molecular weight (165394g/mole), degree of deacetylation (75%), ash content as well as yield (15%) of prepared chitosan indicated that shrimp processing waste (shell) are a good source of chitosan. The water binding capacity (502%) and fat binding capacity (370%) of prepared chitosan are good agreement with the commercial chitosan. FT-IR spectra gave characteristics bands of –NH2at 3443cm -1 and carbonyl at 1733cm -1 . X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns also indicated two characteristics crystalline peaks approximately at 10° and 20° (2?).The surface morphology was examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
Keywords: Heavy metals, Soil bacteria, Growth response.
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Title: Perturbation Technique for Analytical Solution of Fourth Order Near Critically Damped Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Md. Asraful Alom, Md. Habibur Rahman, B. M. Ikramul Haque, M. Ali Akbar
Pages: 81-88 Paper ID: 1112701-4646 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: A technique is developed in this article based on the Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitroplskii method to investigate the solution of fourth order near critically nonlinear system in the case of  and. The method is illustrated by an example and the solutions obtained by this method agree nicely with those obtained by numerical method.
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Title: Effect of Transient Non-Thermal Mobility of CO for CO-NO Surface Catalytic Reaction on Hexagonal Lattice: A computer Simulation Study
Author(s): A. U. Qaisrani, M. Khalid, Samina Naz
Pages: 89-92 Paper ID: 1112302-5858 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Monte Carlo simulation has been used to study the effectof precursor mechanism on a hexagonal lattice for CO-NO heterogeneous catalytic reaction. The reactive window gets enhanced due to the precursor mechanism. It is observed that whenever precursor mechanism is introduced in the third environment, the production of CO2and N2starts as soon as the CO partial pressure (yCO) departs from zero, which verifies the experimental observation. The reactive window even increases by increasing the range of precursor mobility.
Keywords: Monte Carlo Simulation, Precursor mechanism, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide.
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Title: Fit Generalized Linear Models by Using of Different Likelihoods
Author(s): Hoda Rashidi Nejad
Pages: 93-97 Paper ID: 100505-1101-7373 IJBAS-IJENS Published: February, 2011
Abstract: Regression models have wide applications in analysis of data with continues and normal distributed responses. Extended of these models happens when these distribution of responses are not normalbut they belong to the distribution of exponential family. It is called generalized linear model(GLM). Statistical inference of glm usually is done based on full likelihood, however computing of full likelihood is hard in some complex models, that needs using of replacement other likelihoods such as: profile likelihood, conditional or marginal likelihoods, empirical likelihood and quasi likelihood. There for using these likelihoods is more applicable than full likelihood. In this research, various likelihood functions for prediction of variables in models are proposed. The main objective of this research project is to overcome the difficulties of using the full likelihood and its related calculations which has been done by application of other likelihoods. Also we work on tentative data of productivity of bulldozer and fit models and compare the error of three models.
Keywords: Link function, nuisance parameter, quasi likelihood, sufficient statistics.
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